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Updo Season

It’s not too early to plan for prom, wedding day, or any special springtime event.

by Jennifer Williams, Salon Fabrojae

The local salons are all abuzz as prom and wedding seasons have begun. Scheduling hair, nails and makeup for one person—or a group—can be super stressful, but here are some helpful tips from Xspero merchant, Salon Fabrojae on how to make your special day as stress-free as possible.

The most important, but often overlooked tip, is to schedule a consultation and even a trial run. This simple step helps you build a relationship with your service providers and helps you both come to a clear understanding of what you want done. Taking this extra step helps eliminate miscommunications and gives you and your stylist time to create the perfect look for you.

Take time during your consultation to ask all of your questions and don’t forget to bring pictures. It is important to be very specific about what you want so that your stylist can give you realistic expectations. And consultations aren’t just for hair; do a trial run of your makeup, too.

Are you thinking about getting hair extensions? If you have to order hair extensions or hair pieces, make sure you order them with ample time for delivery, and for possible exchange.

Time management will be a big factor in your special day. Plan ahead and prep early so every moment of your day flows easily. Make lists and set alarms to keep yourself (as well as your party) on task.

Lastly and probably most important, set a budget. Hair, nails and makeup can be costly. Have a clear understanding of cost before booking your appointments. Ask your stylist if they require a deposit for your services, and make sure to secure your date and time early. You may be anxiously awaiting your special day, but the key to any successful event is to start early and plan ahead.

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