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Student Story: The One Winner During COVID-19 Pandemic: The Environment

With schools and colleges switching to online learning, businesses urging employees to work from home, and national curfews being put in place, the effects of this pandemic are glaringly obvious. However, the one effect that people are not concerned with may just be the most long-lasting one, and that is the substantially positive impact on the environment.

Student Story: Parents Of School Children Talk Of Frustrations And Joys Of Homeschooling

Most parents are at home right now, acting as school teachers for their kids as they try to adjust to brand-new daily routines. Those new routines can be hectic while at the same time satisfying.

Student Story: Teachers Overcome Challenges Of Balancing Virtual Lessons And Real Home Life

The teachers and staff of Gateway Regional High School have been adjusting to life at home while still providing for their students. While students are staying at home during this time, their teachers are still present to offer opportunities to foster growth even though they are miles apart. Being quarantined has proven its many challenges; but the ultimate goal is to continue education outside of the traditional classroom.

Student Story: SAT Cancellations Cause Concern For Class Of 2021

Junior year of high school is usually supposed to be thrilling for students, as they contemplate their future and plan to pursue higher education. SATs pose as a sort of gauge for students and is just one of the many tools utilized to consider accommodations for secondary learning. A few members of the current Class of 2021 conveyed their emotions on the College Board’s decision to cancel upcoming test-taking dates, as they continue to self-quarantine at home.

Student Story: Dear Coronavirus — A Letter From A High School Senior

We were steps from turning the page into the second chapter of our lives, but now as young adults, we may never get closure from our first, and that is because of you, coronavirus.

Student Story: High School Seniors Feeling Effect From Closed Schools

In this unrivaled period of quarantine and uncertainty for the foreseeable future, various students in the senior class have expressed their feelings of sadness as they try to continue forward in this disheartening time. Some of those students have provided unique perspectives.

Student Story: Students Are Adapting To Virtual Learning

With schools across the nation forced to close their doors due to the coronavirus, school districts are making a switch to remote learning; however, many are wondering how students are expected to keep up with their work when they are overwhelmed with their normal routines. But, what some people may not know, is that many students are more than happy to be learning from home.

Student Story: With Loss of High School Spring Sports Season, Optimism and Hope Stay With Athletes and Coaches

As the world continues to grapple with this global pandemic; the community of students and staff at Gateway Regional High School have taken a more aggressive approach to address the issue and view the “bigger picture.”

Student Story: COVID-19 Brings Changes, Disappointments, And Revelations

Who would have thought that when we began this new decade, it would be one that none of us would ever forget. From being quarantined in our homes, to virtual learning, to not being sure if my classmates would see each other again, this has been a time that our country needs to come together more than ever.

Student Story: Comic Timing, Energetic Choreography, And Elvis Presley Hits Keep Audiences ‘All Shook Up’ At Schalick High School

Arthur P. Schalick High School’s entertaining production of “All Shook Up” -- which ran February 27 through 29 -- promotes "A Little Less Conversation" and a lot more excitement! "It's Now or Never" to enjoy this delightful mix of drama, love triangles, and humor.