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South Jersey Film Alliance Set to Transform Region With Feature Film

South Jersey Film Alliance has begun preparations for a new feature film that will begin shooting in the Cumberland County this month. The film, titled The Retaliators, stars Sean Astin, Mark Hamill, and members of the band Five Finger Death Punch. The production will be shooting in the Vineland and Millville areas, with locations and amenities being handled by South Jersey Film Alliance. SJFA brought in Army of the Dead, which is currently filming in Atlantic City, and has a long list of productions lined up, including four films from China, two Bollywood films, and a few franchise names that everyone is familiar with.

With a dedication to filming in South Jersey, SJFA is using the New Jersey Film & Digital Media Tax Credit Program to spur economic growth and bring jobs into the area. SJFA is also a premier partner of Rowan College of South Jersey for the purpose of creating cooperative education opportunities for the students in the college’s various arts programs.

SJFA President and CEO Ray Mamrak, is a native of Mt. Holly and brings over 32 years of industry experience. “Filming in Southern New Jersey is great, but our ultimate goal is economic development, jobs and most of all, education. The film industry needs a workforce in the area in order to thrive and grow,” said Mamrak.

During the summer months, SJFA employed four interns from Rowan College of South Jersey and most recently lent its headquarters, The Landis Theater, to NYU graduate students for their thesis film.