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Paws On The Ave

by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland
Animal lovers, unite. Saturday, August 26 is National Dog Day, and to celebrate, we will be holding our Paws On The Ave event in front of the Seward Johnson sculpture, “Yuck, Go Fetch,” in front of the former Landis Marketplace at 631 E. Landis Avenue from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All are welcome—you don’t need to have a dog to join the festivities.

Entertainment will be provided by DJ Tony Gambino and T&F Camera will be taking pictures of your pets next to the sculpture. Also joining us will be Funny Farm Rescue, South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, Garoppo’s Feed & Pet Supply and the Vineland Police K9 unit. If interested in being a vendor, you may register at
“Yuck, Go Fetch!” is a captivating bronze sculpture that brings to life the interaction between a young man and his four-legged companion. The scene captures the young man after throwing a frisbee, an act that usually prompts enthusiastic obedience from his loyal canine friend. However, in this playful moment, the dog appears to be looking up at his human companion, seemingly indifferent to the command to fetch.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, “Yuck, Go Fetch!” stands life-sized, ensuring that viewers can fully immerse themselves in the heartwarming scene. The expression on the face of the young man and the dog conveys a sense of joy and humor, while the frisbee adds a dynamic touch to the composition.
Beyond its artistic brilliance, “Yuck, Go Fetch!” showcases the innate joy dogs derive from spending time with their human companions, regardless of the specific activity they engage in together.
In a world often filled with complexities and challenges, “Yuck, Go Fetch!” offers a refreshing glimpse into life’s simple pleasures. The sculpture prompts viewers to reminisce about their own experiences with their pets, recalling moments of laughter, fun, and shared adventures. It embodies the carefree spirit of youth and the enduring loyalty of our animal companions.
Displayed in public spaces, the sculpture becomes a cherished attraction, drawing people together to share in the delight and charm of the scene. It ignites conversations and facilitates connections, as viewers bond over their shared experiences of the human-animal bond.
This is the first of many micro-events that will be taking place with our six Sculptures On The Ave initiative. This is a way for you to come celebrate with us not only the sculptures, but to come and see our businesses and professionals along Landis Avenue. Come do some shopping or dining when you’re here. There is plenty of parking behind the Landis Marketplace on Elmer Street.
Stay tuned, there will be a whole lot more to come. Take a stroll on our “Walk The Ave’’ trail downtown and you will see all six of our sculptures on display. Feel free to take a selfie and don’t forget to tag us #TheAVE.
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Be sure to join us on Sunday, August 27, at our Food Trucks On The Ave event 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. More information may be found at:

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