Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Mayoral Musings: COVID-19 Warning

Yogi Berra once said “it gets late early out there.” I have that same sense when it comes to the coronavirus or Covid-19 and what it means. A few years ago, my money would have been on the H7N9 flu for the next global pandemic, but a couple of mutations here and some CDC budget cuts there and we get Covid-19.

Millville Matters: Angels to Play Phillies

Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels major league baseball team will be playing the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday, July 17, at 7:05 p.m. in Citizens Bank Park. The summer of 2014 was the last time Trout and the Angels played in Philadelphia and a crowd of 4,000 Millville and area fans showed up to cheer him on. Now’s your chance to cheer for the best ballplayer in the majors!

Nature Around Us: Freeze Frame

In the winter frogs, unlike turtles, do not bury themselves partially in the mud of ponds, streams, and rivers. Instead they lie exposed on the bottom, reliant on the levels of dissolved oxygen in high-quality water because they breathe through their skin.

Life Sentences: Chores and More

Here’s my good news for the week: I was feeling a little low, and I took a rest, but my mind wouldn’t calm itself. It made a little windstorm of a thousand things I could do, but I could not settle on one so I got up and said, "Get up, you procrastinator! Do something. Pick one of the many chores you’ve been thinking of.”

Mayoral Musings: Norms Versus Laws

By “norms,” we’re not talking about parts of any law or rule that have been passed or adopted in any official way. What we’re talking about are customs — the practices and traditions that have always been observed and that we’ve taken for granted because “it’s always been done that way.”

Nature Around Us: Angler from the Sky

Although kingfishers can be migrants in southern New Jersey, we have them year-round unless we get a hard freeze. Since their diet consists primarily of fish, open water is critical to their sustenance.

Hidden Complexions: African American Inventors Still Inspire Us

Throughout the history of the United States, many brilliant men and women of African descent have left a profound and enduring mark on this country, and the world, by using their ingenuity to create inventions that have helped further the progress of mankind.

On the Ave: A Tour, Cats, and Music

We now reach the last leg of our journey along The Ave — the block between West Avenue and Delsea Drive. It’s the westernmost block of Landis Avenue covered within our Vineland Downtown Improvement Zone. It’s a long block and includes two shopping plazas, other multi-business complexes, and the former Landis Middle School (now the headquarters of the Vineland Board of Education).

Nature Around Us: Vulture Culture

For years I have been delivering presentations on Vulture Culture all over the state. It’s proved to be interesting and a great deal of fun. Vultures exist worldwide and they’re deeply ingrained in many societies. The service that they provide to the environment and to humans is indisputable. They are one of nature’s cleanup crews.

On the Ave: Revving Up for 2020

I have some news about our campaign for public financial support for the Military Mural downtown. It was such a success that it netted more than was necessary to cover the expenses.