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Mayoral Musings: Playing to Our Strength

The main driver of this global-to-local upheaval, I believe, is technology—specifically connective technology, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the huge amount of data coming from our connectedness

Jersey Reflections: South Jersey Glass

Glassboro’s birth can be traced to when Solomon Stanger bought land in 1779 to launch a glass factory.

On the Ave: Shaping the Ave

Last week I had in a blurb in this column about a very important online survey you were requested to take to help develop The Ave of the future.

Millville Matters: September on High Street

The Glasstown Arts District (Main Street Millville) is in the midst of public project including a mural creation for its Creative Placemaking grant that was awarded recently. Artist Kenneth Lazan Faulk, Jr. of Atlantic City, has just completed the first painted piece at 19 N. High Street.

On the Ave: Tears for a Clown

If you haven’t been by the mini-park at the southwest corner of Landis Avenue and the Boulevard, go and check out the progress that’s been made by artist George Perez and his assistants on the military mural.

Jersey Reflections: County Lines

Tracing the line of Greenwich Township shows how towns like Newfield and Malaga came to be.

Life Sentences: Goodbye, Summer

It seemed like our summer hummed along without much news, but things were happening.

Mayoral Musings: No Hoopla, Not a Party

If we celebrate, it’s not because we’re glib in our attitudes toward addiction and related issues, but because we are painfully aware of several things—how few resources are genuinely available, what is involved with accessing such resources, the challenges of coordinating among various stakeholders, and actually getting a working program up and running and out to those who need it.

Jersey Reflections: Vonnegut’s Tale

Turning WWII memories into a book took the writer 20 years of coming to terms with probable PTSD.

Millville Matters: History Comes Alive

Millville Army Airfield Museum welcomes the Collings Foundation’s “Wings of Freedom” tour later this month.