Nolan Named New Recycling Coordinator

The Authority, formerly known as the Cumberland County Improvement Authority, has announced Emma Nolan as the new Recycling and Clean Communities Coordinator for Cumberland County.

Nolan’s expertise as a registered environmental health specialist in the county will provide a foundation and enable her to expedite implementation. She will focus her efforts on working with municipal coordinators, and statewide associations to ensure proper retrieval of recyclable materials. She’ll also document and record the authority’s recycling initiatives and collection activities and implement recycling and diversion programs as well as other duties.

Nolan’s previous knowledge in New Jersey law, public-health, and illegal dumping as an inspector of solid waste and recycling facilities in Cumberland County puts her in a position to excel in her position. The authority will provide Nolan with a platform to learn, grow, and educate others.

The Authority web site is

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