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NJ Decides 2023 Legislature Voters Guide

by Colleen O’Dea, Senior Writer and Projects Editor, NJ Spotlight News

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This year, NJ Spotlight News presents a comprehensive look at the races for all 120 seats in New Jersey’s Legislature. That includes a spotlight on the 246 candidates seeking seats in the state Senate and Assembly.

For the NJ Decides 2023 voters guide, a statewide coalition of journalists led by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University worked to collect candidate questionnaires from every person running for a seat. The coalition plans as part of this project a series of stories about legislative elections across the state and key issues for voters.

This voter’s guide includes a description of each legislative district and the responses to a questionnaire from each candidate running in that district. This is intended to give voters a window into each candidate’s background and platform as they make their decisions in November. All 246 candidates whose names appear on the ballot were asked to fill out the same form. A little more than a third, about 89 candidates, responded.

Voters unsure about what district they are in can use the map on the right. Type an address into the search box, then zoom out to find the number the legislative district, or move the map around and use the zoom controls to find a town and its district number. Note that many voters may be in a different legislative district this year, given the boundaries of all districts were redrawn last year.

For more information about the races and the candidates in the 1st Legislative District, you may go directly to

NJ Spotlight Editor’s note: All candidates for state legislative seats were contacted multiple times for the NJ Decides 2023 voting guide Q&As. You may click on a candidate to see who responded and any answers provided. More information about the project, including the full text of the questions, is available at