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New Mural on Glasstown Plaza Dedicated

Photography by Bill Horin, ArtC

A group of well wishers gathered at Millville’s Glasstown Plaza at the corner of High and Sassafras streets to congratulate artist Danielle Cartier who successfully completed the mural there. The newest piece of public art joins 12 other murals of varying sizes throughout a six-block area of the downtown. This mural measures 32 feet by eight feet and is installed on a metal grid that showcases public art. It replaces a former mural created several years ago by artist Anna Vosburgh that had become worn after more than a decade.

The event was a collaboration between the Holly City Development Corporation and the Millville Development Corporation, two nonprofit organizations with mission statements to improve and beautify the central business core of Millville. Emceeing the event was Marianne Lods, executive director of Millville Development.

Mayor Lisa Orndorff as well as County Commissioner Victoria Lods congratulated the artist and the organizations that continue to fund and carry out programs and projects that better the community and its residents and visitors.

The emcee recognized Omarey Williams who’s in charge of the Cumberland County Cultural & Heritage Commission, and several others in attendance who are involved in programs and projects in the arts district.

Artist and gallery owner Danielle Cartier has worked in other towns and in the city of Philadelphia with mural projects and teaches at Rowan College South Jersey and Stockton University. Cartier acquired a building and opened DC Gallery & Studio in 2022. She was recently lauded by the Millville Chamber of Commerce as “Artist of the Year.”

“My move to the Glasstown Arts District here in Millville has given me many new opportunities for success that I may not have had elsewhere,” Cartier said. I absolutely loved working on this large mural. I want to thank everyone involved and am grateful to the City of Millville for installing this new piece of art.”