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Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Nutrien Ag Solutions Donates to Fire Company and the Community

From left: Bobby Vit, Nutrien Ag Solutions (volunteer fireman, Rosenhayn Volunteer Fire Co.), David Bachinsky, Nutrien Ag Solutions (volunteer fireman, MiImay Volunteer Fire Co.), Ashley Granato, Nutrien Ag Solutions, warehouse manager for the Bridgeton location, Mark Cifaloglio, Chief of Rosenhayn Volunteer Fire Co., Abby O’Brian, committeeman and former Mayor, Deerfield Township and Ched Baker, Nutrien Ag Solutions (volunteer fireman, Thorofare Volunteer Fire Co).

On Tuesday, September 17, a major fire destroyed one of F&S Produce Co.’s processing facilities in Rosenhayn. The plant is around the corner from the Nutrien Ag Solutions warehouse in Bridgeton. The owner of F&S Produce Co., Sam Pipitone, is one of their customers.

Due to the intensity of the fire, water supply became a major issue for the Rosenhayn Volunteer Fire Company and the four-county tanker task force dispatch to this fire, due to the lack of hydrants in our rural community.

There is a 10,000 gallon-bulk tank of water at the Nutrien Ag Solutions warehouse and they reached out to the Rosenhayn fire command during the fire to let them know they could come to the warehouse location to fill tankers. They felt helpless when they realized they had no way of filling the fire trucks because they did not have the proper fittings to go from their water supply to the trucks.

Because of this, Nutrien Ag Solutions purchased two sets of the proper couplings that they can now use to fill any fire truck. One set will be kept at their warehouse and the other set was given to the Rosenhayn Volunteer Fire Company for one of their tanker trucks in the event they could use it anywhere else on future calls.

The Nutrien Ag Solutions warehouse will also be entered into the Cumberland County Dispatch System as a water source for any future calls where water supply is needed. Nutrien Ag Solutions was pleased to make this donation to the local fire company with the hope they will never have to use them.