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Millville High School Engineering Comes in Top 2 for Fourth Consecutive Year

Engineering teams from Temple University, Widener University, Thomas Jefferson University, and Rowan University (three teams) as well as high school teams from Cape May County Tech School, Verona High School Engineering Club, Deer Park High School, Madison High School, and Millville High School (two teams) and a Millville High School alumni team competed in this year’s Pumpkin Chunkin’ contest sponsored by Rowan University’s chapter of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

After five rounds of chunkin’ pumpkins, the scores were tallied and the top six teams advanced to the final round. All three teams associated with Millville High School advanced to the finals and in the end one of those teams was tied for first place. In a final sudden death one-pumpkin shoot-out that Millville High team ended up coming in second place with one of the teams associated with Rowan University coming in first.

The Millville team is under the direction of Gerald Bruman and Shawn Jenkins. This is the fourth consecutive year that Millville High School has either come in first place out right or ended in a tie for first place, requiring a shoot-out to determine the end result.