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Millville Army Air Field Museum Recognizes 75th Anniversary of Battle of the Bulge

From left: Tim Kiniry, Stan Tarquinio, and Charley Pierce, and Robert Trivellini, museum vice president and educational coordinator.

The Millville Army Air Field Museum continues to recognize the 75th anniversaries of important World War II historical events. On March 10, three U.S. Army WWII veterans of the Battle of Bulge shared their important experiences at the museum’s first Quarterly Movie Night of 2020, where 97-year-old Charley Pierce, of Cedarville, NJ, was guest speaker and presented details of his time as a construction engineer. His unit moved along the Battle lines through Belgium from December 1944 to January 1945.

Tim Kiniry, 98, of Minotola, NJ, a medic during the Battle, and his nephew Gary Luderitz, from Linwood, NJ, also presented that evening. They recently returned from the 75th Commemoration of the Battle of the Bulge in Europe where Kiniry was honored. They shared a detailed presentation completed by Ludertiz about the trip and the Battle. During the presentation, the two veterans, along with 95-year-old Stan Tarquinio of Bridgeton, an infantry artillery man at the Battle, shared little-known historical facts and offered insights from their individual experiences there.

Tarquinio was the featured speaker at the Museum’s Movie Night on December 10. All three WWII veterans were previously video interviewed by high school students as part of the Veteran Interview Project, a partnership between the museum and the Millville Public Schools. The Project has interviewed more than 140 veterans to date.