Mex North, South

Try these two eateries, one in Vineland, one in Millville, for social goodness—and great eats.

When you have a taste for something south of the border, finding Mexican restaurants in South Jersey isn’t hard. With so many great places in our area, there’s always something new to savor, something new to try. However, when it comes to social good, there are two Mexican restaurants in South Jersey that are a cut above the rest.

When you use your Xspero™ digital gift card to pay for a meal at one of these two places, 20 percent of your purchase will instantly go to a local charity in need–and you get to choose! With 100-plus local restaurants and small businesses on the Xspero app, there are dozens of ways to dine and donate. You’re in control of how your 20 percent gets spent, and it doesn’t cost you any more out of your pocket.

So, get ready to pass the guac! We’re about to dig into these standout Mexican restaurants in South Jersey where you can make a difference with Xspero™.

Cilantro Mexican Restaurant in Vineland serves up an authentic Mexican menu featuring traditional recipes with big, bold flavors. From piping hot tamales to handmade tortillas and stuffed enchiladas, there’s a plate for every taste.

What to try: Everyone loves the enchiladas but we also recommend the gorditas, tamales, and sopa viagra for seafood lovers!

El Guacamole in Millville is always a taste to behold. With fresh guacamole expertly prepared right at the table, dining becomes an experience. From fajitas to carnitas, enchiladas to chimichangas, every bite is something to savor.

What to try: Guacamole is a must, but as an entrée, we recommend fresh tacos, tortas, or any of the chef choices.

Looking for more restaurants in South Jersey that accept Xspero™ digital gift cards? The Xspero™ app is full of opportunities to dine and donate without spending more. Download the Xspero™ app on the Apple App Store and Google Play to dig into something great!

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