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Meet Lizzy Kennedy

by Russell Swanson, Exec. Dir., VDID, Main Street Vineland

If you’ve come to our many events held in downtown Vineland, you certainly have seen our board member, Lizzy Kennedy. She is a member who “shows up,” over and over again. And as the operations manager at Members 1st of NJ Federal Credit Union, she works on Landis Avenue every day. Members 1st has been the major sponsor of our Food Trucks On The Ave since its inception as well as supporting several other of our events throughout the years.

Kennedy grew up in Bridgeton but came to live in Vineland in 2003. Her interests include event planning, doing community service through her church, and spending time with her family, which you’ve mostly likely also seen at our various events.

Kennedy joined the board of directors of the VDID in 2017, as part of an initiative through her job to get involved in the community and the downtown area, and she currently serves as secretary and treasurer. As part of its mission of helping people in the communities that they serve, Members 1st of NJ FCU believes in sponsoring events in the downtown area, including volunteering time as well as providing financial support through sponsorships of events. Members 1st of NJ FCU came to Landis Ave back in 2001 when it took over a vacant building. Its purpose is to be in the core of the city where members can easily access the facility.

“Downtown Vineland has historical characteristics that take me back to when I was a young child,” says Kennedy. “On Saturdays, my mother would drive us to Vineland to shop at the Newberry store, now known as the LandisMarket Place. I love that Downtown offers a variety of goods and services featuring diverse restaurants, retail, entertainment, and professional services.“

Kennedy continues her thoughts: “Vineland Downtown has the opportunity to attract outsiders and locals alike with its unique shops and different restaurant options. However, I would like to see more retail stores open in our downtown. A town is as good as those who invest in it. Hopefully, new initiatives and programs will give residents and business owners the opportunity to invest in our downtown.”

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