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Inspira Health Foundation Contributes $1 Million to Emergency Response Fund

To recognize the front-line staff’s bravery and unwavering commitment to protect the local community, Inspira Health launched the “Blue Hearts for Health Care Heroes” initiative, asking the community to engage in acts of gratitude in support of Inspira’s fight against COVID-19.

Inspired by the #BlueHeartsForHeroes initiative, Inspira Health Foundation and its Board of Trustees are contributing $1 million to the Inspira COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. In the midst of a pandemic that is requiring Inspira Health to spend millions on equipment, capital and staffing, this expression of gratitude in support of health care heroes will significantly enhance the fight against COVID-19.

The Emergency Response Fund was set up in response to the community’s request to show gratitude through giving. The fund gives Inspira Health the necessary ability to respond rapidly during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. The funds can support the costs of increasing bed capacity, purchasing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), assisting employees who face financial hardships and completing infrastructure projects to accommodate the impending surge of patients.

“Especially in this time of uncertainty, we recognize the value of those who support our patients and health care professionals,” said John DiAngelo, Inspira Health President and CEO.

For every donation made, the Inspira Foundation will hang a Blue Heart with the donor’s first name and last initial in one of the hospitals for health care heroes to see. A gift as small as $5 can provide a face mask to a hero and allow someone to say “thank you” to critical, front-line staff.

For more on the Foundation’s response to COVID-19, and donation details, call 856- 641-8290 or visit