Get Paid $1,000 to Shop at Small Businesses, Apply by November 30 is looking for a holiday shopping fanatic to ditch corporate America and opt to shop at local small businesses for their holiday must-haves. The company will pay this person $1,000 in exchange for their efforts to support local small businesses during the holiday season. All asks in return is that this person visits at least three local small businesses and purchases gifts for their holiday wish list. We’ll ask them to share their experience at the small businesses once they finish the job. This initiative is part of our Shop Local campaign where asks consumers to ditch corporate convenience and support local businesses instead.

The small-business advocates at want to encourage more Americans to frequent local businesses. Consumers can make a difference by choosing to shop local by helping businesses create more jobs in their community, support their local economy, and consequently help business owners secure financing and fund expansions.’s goal is to bring attention to the benefits of supporting local shops by hiring someone to ditch big box stores and replace it with locally owned businesses for their gift-giving shopping this holiday season.

“Our team consists of small-business enthusiasts who are committed to supporting entrepreneurs. That’s why we decided to create the Pays You to Shop Local campaign to raise awareness for the importance of supporting local businesses. The goals of this initiative are to inspire more people to opt for shopping at local businesses and gather firsthand insight into the differences between corporate joints and smaller shops,” says Micah Pratt, manager of

Applications for our second annual Shop Local for the Holidays initiative are open now through November 30, 2020. Our ideal candidate is a present-purchasing pro who is ready to take on the challenge of ditching corporate America to fulfill their holiday wish list. Candidates can make their job application stand out by sending us a video professing their love for holiday shopping and why they’re ready to take on this challenge. is a community of small-business enthusiasts who help decision-makers find the right tools and services to grow your business. We connect small-to-midsize businesses with in-depth research, product reviews, and expert recommendations. Through our customized content, readers will find better ways to save time, prove ROI, generate more revenue, and retain more customers.

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