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Fundraiser for Lyme Disease Sufferer

Terri Carpenter from the Cumberland County Library shares with us some infromation about a colleague, Helen Margiotti and husband Dominic. Helen has been the head of Youth Services at the Vineland Public Library for many years and has devoted much of her time and energy to sharing her love of reading with hundreds, if not thousands, of children and teens.

In 2018, Helen’s husband Dom contracted Lyme disease. His illness was repeatedly misdiagnosed and it progressed to the point where he was in severe pain all the time. In 2020 he had to quit his job editing audio books. He’s had countless treatments and surgeries, which have put a heavy financial burden on them. One of his friends, Dave Giorgio, has created a Go Fund Me for him.

Here’s the latest update (May 22) from Dave Giorgio: We know that Dom has been dealing with severe, really extreme illness for six years with undetected Lyme having become a neurological problem. But he’s just now tested positive for Babesia, a close cousin to Lyme, and a parasitic infection that infects the red blood cells. In a case this severe, the treatment is comparable to malaria. Thankfully, the doctor is starting him on a path forward from here. More new treatment to come, in addition to the Lyme treatment. Please keep Dom and Helen in your prayers and share this campaign to keep the help coming in. It is very, very much appreciated. Much love! Dave (for Dom and Helen)