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Five Questions ask a wedding photographer before booking.

Choosing a wedding photographer is more than shutter speed and sepia tone—it’s about finding the right fit for the photo you’ve framed in your mind. You’ll want to trust your photographer. You’ll want to feel good about your choice on your wedding day—and feeling good goes one step further when you book Darryl Barnett Photography and pay with Xspero™.

We give 20 percent of your Xspero™ certificate purchase to any local nonprofit you choose in the app at the time of your transaction. That way, you’re getting a talented wedding photographer and you get to give back without costing more.

With over 400 weddings under his belt, Darryl Barnett Photography is a seasoned pro, and offers these important considerations to ask about when shopping around for a photographer on your big day.

Package options and pricing: Before you fall for a photographer’s aesthetic and talent for storytelling through photos, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting and what you can afford. It’s a good idea to establish a budget and lead with this when going over package options.

Style and ability: Is the photographer’s aesthetic more traditional or contemporary? What’s their experience with lighting? Do they offer retouching and photo editing? Understand exactly what your photographer is capable of and whether or not their photography style matches all those Pinterest boards and mental photos you’ve been collecting for inspiration.

Existing work you can view: Maybe you were referred by a friend or you stumbled across their profile while searching hashtags on Instagram—whatever the case, it’s not a bad idea to ask to see a complete wedding album. You’ll want to know how your photographer works the floor at your wedding—dance floor that is.

Digital access to photos: You’ll likely want to find a photographer who offers an online portal for clients to access their wedding photos watermark-free. This will make it easier to share your photos on social media and have access to them wherever you go.

Photographer at your venue: A photographer familiar with a wedding venue may have already worked out the kinks in lighting at certain times of day or knows a few hidden locations that are, dare we say, picture-perfect. Ask if he or she has worked a wedding at your venue—but don’t count them out if they haven’t. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can bring something new to the frame. n

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