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Filling in the Calendar

We have been hard at work filling in this year’s calendar of Main Street Vineland events—part of the “hunkering down” process for the first part of the year.

We have, at this point, a limited calendar, with some events still uncertain. Even with those events for which we have scheduled dates, we have to take a cautiously optimistic approach. Positive strides are being taken to tame the COVID crisis and allow us to take steps toward greater normalcy, but we cannot be positive of the future. So, even with the events where we have filled in dates, we have to take a certain “wait and see” attitude regarding any later changes. Of course, we’re going to take all precautions to make the events as safe as possible. Here’s what we have so far:

• Running The Ave 5K—We’re looking to start our major events for the year with our third annual Running The Ave 5K. Last year, we moved the run from the summer to the fall, but this year, we’re moving it back to summer, on Sunday, June 27. Second Capital Running will still be working with us on this event, where we turn our downtown into a road race course. We’ve attracted runners from throughout the Delaware Valley in past years and we expect to do the same this year. Registration is already open on the Main Street Vineland website——so, don’t delay! Sponsorship opportunities are available. Watch for more details.

• Food Truck Festival—We’re looking to bring it back this year, with the food and fun that made it such a hit in past years. It’ll be on Sunday, August 22, again on Landis Avenue and the Boulevard. As the event takes shape, we’ll keep you informed.

• Pumpkin Patch Party—Our annual fall funfest is planned this year for Saturday, October 30, in the mini-parks at Landis Avenue and the Boulevard. It always brings a lot of kids their families for a time of good, wholesome fun.

• Weddings on The Ave—We plan to have this again this year as an online and social media promotion of the many wedding-related businesses on The Ave, which worked so well last year. Al’s Shoes will again be the major sponsor. We plan to roll it out for November 7 through 20.

• Christmas Parade—This is one of our biggest events of the year. With the telecasting, streaming, and social media available of last year’s parade, it was probably the most-watched Christmas Parade we had. This year, as usual, it is planned for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 27.

We have other signature events, but with no firm dates. Cruise Down Memory Lane could be moved to the fall. Arrangements for A Taste of Vineland is still being worked out. Other events are still in the mix. We’ll keep you posted.


Just a reminder that have a COVID vaccination clinic right on The Ave, which will also provide COVID testing. It’s operating through the Vineland Health Department and located in the former Landis MarketPlace building, at 631 E. Landis Ave. It’s handy, well-organized and there for you. You can get more information by contacting the Health Department at (856) 794-4131.