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Family Fun

It’s a good time to slow down, smell the roses, and strengthen family bonds.

by Jill Santandrea, Broker Manager, EXIT Homestead Realty Professionals

Let’s lighten things up a little this week and talk about having fun—by yourself, with your family or with your friends. Let’s make this your family’s year of adventure by trying new things.

How about taking the kids to a climbing wall or trampoline park? A hike or bike ride in a new-to-you area is another way to introduce the fun of new experiences. Be prepared with plenty of water and snacks, and you also may want to pack a simple first aid kit, too.

How about a picnic? This is the perfect time of year to play in the park; and as a bonus, you just might meet other families in your neighborhood (but be sure to practice social distancing if you do). Pack these things for a perfect day: Hula hoops, beanbags, jumpropes, small orange cones, bottled water, protein snacks, fruit. Have hula hooping and beanbag contests, share your favorite jumprope songs, have races or simply lay in the grass and pick out shapes in the clouds.

Rainy day? Create a reading corner near a window with pillows and a basket of books. Or how about working on a jigsaw puzzle? Make it more challenging by hiding the picture on the box.

Create memories through bonding time: Eat your meals together, make them technology-free zones including phones off for everyone, serve family favorites and most of all, listen and be respectful.

After a long day, have a nightly routine to help your children relax and wind down while preparing them mentally and emotionally for sleep. After getting them cleaned up and teeth brushed, your routine should have quiet, low-key activities. Read a story, sing a quiet song or talk about things they’d like to dream about or good things planned for tomorrow.

After all that we have gone through in the last few months, what is the most obvious is how important our family is to us. Cherish them, cherish the life you have built, slow down and smell the flowers.

And remember, I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding the market and/or your home.

Until next week….

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