Faith and Hope

To our community:

We know that we are in a very difficult time. But we also know that we will come out of this, maybe an even stronger community than before. When we support one another, we are able to get through these challenges.

Local businesses and nonprofits are so important to our community and supporting them at this time is essential to the ongoing strength of our communities. When you use the Xspero app for buying digital gift cards right on your own phone, you support both at one time without having to physically interact with anyone.

Hope has always been at the heart of Xspero and my faith has been at the heart of everything I do. I will be praying for a swift end to this virus.

In the meantime, now is an important time to shop local. Many area restaurants and local businesses are offering curbside pickup. Use your Xspero app to discover great local businesses to choose from and help sustain a local nonprofit at the same time, without costing you more.

Take care of yourselves, check on each other and remember to hope.

—Ken Pustizzi, Founder & CEO

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