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Use Xspero for your holiday shopping while helping all to have a joyous holiday.

The holidays are a time of joy and giving, but for far too many, the holidays, like every day are a time of struggle. There are so many in our community hurting right now and luckily there are some amazing charities right here in South Jersey that help those in need during the holidays and all year round. You can help them do their good work and cross off your Christmas list at no extra cost to you with Xspero. It’s simple to give to others with Xspero.

Giving an Xspero Digital Gift Card is an easy way to make your gift mean more by supporting local small businesses and giving to your favorite charity at the same time. Here’s how simple it is to give with Xspero:

Download the Xspero app in your phone’s app store.

Select your favorite local charity to support. Remember, you can change your selection at any time under your profile settings.

Purchase an Xspero digital gift card to the local restaurant, salon, auto shop, or small business of your choice located under merchants on the Xspero app. That Xspero digital gift card is now under “My Xspero” in your Xspero app and 20 percent of that purchase price went to your charity of choice.

Simply select the gift card you want to give from your “My Xspero” screen and tap on the word “Transfer.”

Here you can choose from several of the apps already installed on your phone for how you want to send your gift. We recommend e-mail or by text message.

Now you’ve given a gift you can feel good about, and the recipient gets the full value of the gift card and your favorite charity has gotten 20 percent.

That 20 percent can go a long way to helping make the holidays a little brighter for those in our community. Some of our nonprofits that are helping others through this difficult time include M25 Initiative, Salem County Meals on Wheels, Our Future First, and United Way of Gloucester County. For a full list of Xspero’s partner charities, check your Xspero app.

This holiday season go ahead and gift with Xspero—because giving feels good.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at or visit our website at