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Dinner After Dark

American Vegan Society will host dinner at Carême’s in Mays Landing.

The American Vegan Society will host Dinner After Dark at Carême’s in Mays Landing, NJ, with a choice to attend on Monday, February 24, or Tuesday, February 25, at 6:30 p.m. Culinary students will prepare and present a meal of exceptional quality under the guidance of Joseph Sheridan, chef-educator. These future masters of haute cuisine are learning to cook gourmet vegan. The menu includes eggplant-sweet potato lasagna and coconut-lime sorbet.

Come early for a kitchen tour and to purchase cookbooks. Cost for evening is $36 for adults, $26 for students.

Early registrations are recommended for this popular event. Visit or call 856-694-2887.

Carême’s is at The Academy of Culinary Arts, Atlantic Cape Community College.

AVS encourages people to explore the variety of vegan dining options for their pleasure and health, to reverse the rate of climate change, and for a more compassionate world. AVS offers membership, American Vegan magazine, and the world’s largest brick-n-mortar vegan bookstore at its headquarters in Malaga, NJ.