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Cumberland County Department of Health Outlines Vaccination Clinic Information

Cumberland County is currently holding COVID-19 vaccination clinics for all individuals who fall into the eligibility guidelines as established by the State of New Jersey.

“While our County Health Department is working diligently to provide the vaccine to everyone who wants it, vaccines are in limited supply throughout the state,” said Joseph Derella, director of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners. “We are in constant contact with state health officials regarding the supply of vaccines and, in conjunction with our county health officials, have made it clear that we have the ability to vaccinate rapidly once more vaccinations become available.”

The Cumberland County Department of Health is currently vaccinating patients using the Moderna vaccine. This vaccine is suitable for individuals 18 years of age and older; no one under the age of 18 is eligible to receive it.

Cumberland County will be releasing new first-dose appointments every Thursday for the month of February. Appointments can be scheduled at Once an appointment has been scheduled, individuals will receive an e-mail confirmation. For any concerns regarding scheduling, call 856-327-7090.

“The amount of vaccines that each health department receives can change week to week, so we encourage residents to visit the health department’s website often for updates and any changes on the release of appointments,” stated Darlene Barber, deputy director of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Carol Musso, liaison to the Health Department and Office of the Aging & Disabled, said that the department’s vaccination program has “been hampered by limited supply, but has been well organized and well received by those who have received their first doses.

“Individuals who have received their first dose from the Cumberland County Department of Health will receive an e-mail to schedule a second dose,” Musso explained. “In the future, the department may schedule second dose appointments when the first is given.

“We are only providing second doses to those who received their first dose with the County Health Department,” she added. “Individuals receiving their second doses are required to bring their vaccination card.”

Currently, vaccination is open to the individuals in Phase 1a and Phase 1b. To see criteria of eligibility with examples, visit

NOTE: Sites throughout the state are utilizing their own systems to schedule appointments on the New Jersey Vaccination Scheduling System – NJVSS (available at This is a pre- registration system utilized by vaccine sites to contact individuals who are eligible for vaccines. This system is different than what the Cumberland County Department of Health is using to schedule individuals. If you have registered on NJVSS, you are only registered on that system and not with the Cumberland County Health Department. You must still visit to get an appointment at the County clinic.

Eligible individuals who live in Cumberland County and are over the age of 60, and without internet access, can contact the Office on Aging for assistance at 856-453-2220. Those in need of transportation may call Cumberland Area Transit System (CATS) at 856-691-7799.

The City of Vineland Health Department is also holding vaccination clinics that are open to all county residents. To schedule an appointment, The City of Vineland is also assisting Vineland Residents that do not have internet access and will be releasing a hotline number in the near future.

For those who have questions about the vaccine or vaccination appointments, the State of New Jersey has established a vaccination appointment hotline at 855-568-0545.

The best way to ensure you have the most up to date information is by visiting or