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County 4-H

It benefits our youth and you can help out through Xspero.

Are you looking for something wholesome and worthwhile for your child to experience? The benefits of 4-H are far-reaching and have lifelong effects on development. Empowering nearly six million young people all across the United States, this youth development program stands out for a reason. 4-H of Cumberland County takes a learn-by-doing approach that enables youth to develop the knowledge, mindset, and skills they need to become competent, caring, and contributing citizens of the world. They also have a lot of fun in the process!

When you purchase Xspero™ certificates to your favorite local merchants, 20 percent of your purchase can go directly to 4-H of Cumberland County—so, if you’d like to give back on everyday purchases, you can select 4-H as your preferred nonprofit.

Curious about the benefits of 4-H for youth? Here’s what the program promotes.

Leadership: 4-H of Cumberland County helps equip youth with leadership skills through experience, not instruction. Leadership is exercised through meetings, election of officers, and the experiences and obstacles shared through teamwork and perserverence.

Hands-On Learning: 4-H of Cumberland County also helps nurture an appreciation for learning through hands-on experiences ranging from gardening, woodworking, martial arts, creative arts, care for animals, and many other social activities. Exposure to new areas of craft, creativity, and problem solving helps youth reach higher in everyday life.

Social Maturity: 4-H is a social experience that unifies youth through friendship and teamwork. It’s a program that celebrates diversity and encourages self-discovery. Working with others and learning about what makes us all different, yet the same, helps foster and develop social skills necessary in all walks of life.

Volunteerism: Members of 4-H are four times more likely to give back to their communities. Through projects and group activities offered by 4-H of Cumberland County, youth have a new chance to learn about the importance of volunteering and how acting selflessly is what makes our world a place worth living in.

The benefits of 4-H impacts youth in ways that help them grow and reach higher as they mature and take new values into adulthood.

Want to help others experience the benefits of 4-H of Cumberland County without costing more? Download the Xspero™ app on the App Store or Google Play, purchase a certificate to any local merchant, and 20 percent of your purchase will automatically go to the program when you select 4-H of Cumberland County as your preferred nonprofit!