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Consalo Family Farm Awarded Spirit of Achievement Honor

It has been a big year for Skip Consalo, CEO of Consalo Family Farms in Vineland, which is now on the verge of entering its 97th year of business. Recently, Consalo, the third generation of the Consalo family to operate the company, was honored by being named one of the 2023 Spirit of Achievement Award recipients for the Italian Cultural Foundation of South Jersey.

The Spirit of Achievement award recognizes local individuals who are of Italian heritage and are known for their service to the community. Individuals who receive the award exhibit “strong family values and exceptional moral character.”

Company officials said that giving back to the community has long been a big part of the culture—and the success — at Consalo Family Farms. “Some of the goals Skip has inspired include giving back in areas where food and farming impact society,” Chelsea Consalo, one of Consalo’s three children told The Produce News. They are the fourth generation to be involved in the business.

Consalo Family Farms is partnering with the Vineland Soup Kitchen to provide fresh produce at monthly barbecue lunches. The company also supports the kitchen events and fundraisers. Consalo’s generosity has touched the lives of countless individuals, fostering a spirit of unity and mutual support in the Vineland community.

Skip Consalo’s grandmother, Louise Consalo, was the first individual to receive the Spirit of Achievement Award in 1988. Following that, William Consalo, Jr. received the award in 2002.

As company officials are honored for their contributions to the community, the company continues to expand and prepare for the future. In 2022, Consalo Family Farms purchased additional acreage to increase its production of organic and conventional vegetables.

“We had a very strong first year with our organic vegetables and we are looking to expand and continue to build the organic program,” Chelsea Consalo noted. “In addition to the new acreage in organic vegetables, we felt that it was important for us to continue to diversify in blueberries as well. We expanded our acreage at our home blueberry farm in Egg Harbor City.”

Chelsea Consalo said that the company’s future is bright and the next generation of the family, which includes her brother Anthony and sister Sarah, are ready for the challenge.

This content previously appeared in The Produce News.