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Clutter-Free Tips

Most people feel ‘overwhelmed’ by clutter at home.

While finances are a main topic that families fight over, a new survey discovers that cleaning and organizing also top the list. According to the survey, which was conducted by Duck brand, 76 percent of people feel “overwhelmed” by their family members’ messes. In fact, the research finds that messiness impacts relationships between family members: 46 percent say it causes “tension” between them; 35 percent say it causes arguments; and 33 percent say it is a “source of stress on a daily basis.”

Knowing that disorganization impacts relationships, the survey aims to shed light on the source of the stress, as well as pet peeves families have when cleaning and organizing:

• Arguments about tidying up may happen frequently because 74 percent of people say they have a different idea of what “clean and organized” is compared to other members of their household. Additionally, 44 percent say “cleaning and organizing frequency” is the most difficult task for their family to agree on.

• Survey respondents say their top peeves about their family’s cleaning and organizing style is they procrastinate (56 percent) and they don’t like to clean/organize themselves at all (36 percent). According to 48 percent of survey respondents, another big annoyance is having to frequently remind other people in the home to pick up their belongings. When they don’t clean up after themselves, most (58 percent) say it makes them feel annoyed and some say they feel angry/frustrated (29 percent).

• Clutter in the living room is the “most annoying mess” that family members make on a regular basis, followed by not wiping up spills in the kitchen or fridge (45 percent), according to the results.

Although there is a lot to disagree about when it comes to clutter, there is one thing families are aligned on: 85 percent believe “living in a tidy home leads to more harmony among household members.” Duck brand offers simple solutions for a happier, more efficient home: Install EasyMounts Interior Drywall J Hook in the hall closet, entryway or garage to encourage family members to keep bags, hats and toys off the floor. If the kitchen is a messy hotspot, place Clear Classic EasyLiner Brand Shelf Liner in the fridge to cut down on sticky spills.

For expert tips and ideas on how to use EasyMounts and EasyLiner around the house, visit Duck brand.