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Early Literacy

When Cara McCollum founded the Birthday Book Project as a teenager in Forrest City, Arkansas, it’s likely she didn’t know the local impact the project would have on early literacy

Food is Love

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and we have a soft spot for these South Jersey restaurants. If you’re planning a night with the one that you love, let us recommend

Taxing Questions

It’s that time of year again. Tax season is upon us, and with many of us scrambling to the tax office or wracking our brains over forms, it’s safe to

Better Photos

Whether we’re snapping a selfie on our smartphones or capturing a majestic landscape with a DSLR, we all want to take better photos in everyday life. Finding the right photography

So Many Slices…

Pizza in South Jersey is like a religion; so many delicious denominations brought together by one eagerly awaited weekly ritual: Friday night pizza. With so many incredible spots to grab

Back to Basics

It’s that time of year again, and you may be scratching your head over gift ideas for the ones you love. No matter the holiday you celebrate, Mary’s Hallmark in

Holiday Spirit

Holiday spirit—what’s in the name? What does it mean to be merry? Between all the parties and shopping excursions over the holiday season, there’s a sound all around like a

Say Cheese (Ball)

For those who don’t have a freelance photographer in the family or who want to take a DIY approach to their holiday card this year, there are simple ways to

Hire an Expert

Have you ever painted a room? Do you remember how painstaking it was to decide on, not just the right color, but the right shade? As you browse through different