Slice of Life

Fran LoBiondo

Slice of Normal

My life is turning for the better this week, I believe. We’ve been informed that Greg’s Saturday respite program is ready to open. Not this

Fran LoBiondo

Enough Al Fresco

Things are looking up in this area. Restaurants are opening for indoor dining now, although some people still prefer to eat outside. For our son

Fran LoBiondo

Summer’s End

Today was over 90 degrees hot. The forecast is for more of the same. Sometimes you’re the magnifier, sometimes you’re the ant. I feel it

Firefly Summer

This August is such an uncertain time. Our daughter is set to return to college by September, but some of her classes may be online.

Fran LoBiondo

Bored Again

At least we’re eating well. We can still go to the grocery store, and if we don’t find it today, there’s always tomorrow. It’s not

In a Shadow

My grandson Gavin was already involved with tag football and basketball. As spring began this year, he said “Pappy, I want to try baseball.” The

Week 8

I’m growing fearful in my unending, suffocating isolation. I cannot sleep through the night. I try to take long breaths, in and out and relax