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Main Street Vineland

Pledge Your Support

In last week’s column, I stressed the importance of promoting and supporting the businesses on The Ave—patronizing “essential” businesses that are allowed to remain open and remembering to come back


The coronavirus pandemic, aside from the health crisis, has put a dent in the economies of cities and towns throughout the country. Downtowns have been particularly vulnerable, with ours—The Ave—being

Here to Help

With the seriousness of the coronavirus situation, “hunkering down” has become the current catch-phrase. The current situation is certainly taking a toll and causing disruptions in many sectors of our

Mix, Mingle is Off

Main Street Vineland’s upcoming Mix, Mingle & Meet, originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., at Vegans Are Us in Vineland has been canceled. Mix, Mingle

Spring and Summer

The buzz is beginning. No, it’s too early for the sound of bees. It’s the initial ramping up of promotions of Main Street Vineland’s spring and summer events. Subcommittees are

Meow… and More

The “walking tour of The Ave” is finished and, while we’re resting our feet, let’s do some analyzing of the data—a sort of “tale of the tape.” We’re talking about