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Bridgeton Rotary Club Change-Over Dinner

Photography by Jo L. Pearson

The evening began with Bridgeton Rotary Club members and guests coming together in heartfelt fellowship and enjoying sumptuous cuisine. Most importantly, the highlight of the evening was congratulating our outgoing 2018-2019 officers for a year well accomplished while welcoming our incoming 2019-2020 officers and directors to a year well planned for new thoughts, new ideas, and new projects.

Debbie Greenberg officiated the program, which represented her last meeting as Club president. She passionately defined “service above self” that means “the service you give must truly come from your heart.” Debbie has, during her administration, exemplified such service.

The program started with honorable mention of members who have dedicated long-term service to the Club. The Club’s membership increased by 10 members who represent cross-sector industries bringing a presence of Club diversity. Without generous donations, the Club would be challenged to continue with the outstanding work it does for the City of Bridgeton. We graciously thanked our Paul Harris Fellows, who have cumulatively contributed $75,042 to support Club activities integral to the City, and to Rotary International at-large.

The program concluded with the installation of directors and officers who humbly serve keeping the Club progressively moving forward. Installed as Treasurer, Tony Buono; Secretary, Carolyn Heckman; Vice-President, Robin Wood; and President-elect, Mark Wiley.

Debbie Greenberg passed the gavel to Carolyn King as 2019-2020 President. Carolyn King has a far-reaching vision that encompasses the future of Bridgeton Rotary Club. One of Carolyn’s primary goals is to engage our youths through Rotary. She sees Rotary as a catalyst for our youths to grow and develop while being inspired to make contributions to their community, and through their life’s journey never forget home (Bridgeton).

“We are not only connecting the world, but connecting our community to the world,” she said, as an inspiration to youths, and as a testament to Bridgeton Rotary Club and Rotary International.