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Allen Associates Welcomes Third-Generation Family Member

Allen Associates recently welcomed third-generation family member Corey S. Allen to the company to serve as group account executive/assistant director of Marketing. Corey is the son of President Richard S. Allen and nephew of Senior VP Robert S. Allen.

In his new role, Corey works directly with the company’s public relations and marketing department to further expand Allen Associates’ client base into the tristate region. Drawing from his creative experience as art director at Philadelphia-based advertising agency Masterminds, the 26-year-old hopes to continue the tradition of excellent service to the family’s business.

“It’s so exciting to bring my creative experience to the team and learn under my dad and uncle,” Corey said. “It’s funny to start a new job but know everybody in the office. I used to walk around the building as a toddler and now I have my own office. Everyone has high hopes for me and I’m determined to help lead Allen Associates into the future.”

Allen Associates was founded in 1960 by Corey’s grandfather, Stanley H. Allen, who died in 1993 when Corey was just six months old. That year, Richard took over as President and Bob as Senior Vice President.

“The very thought of Corey joining the firm that his grandfather began is so exciting to all of us,” Rich Allen said. “We are thrilled he has followed his heart and joined the company, and especially excited he found his passion in the marketing arena where he will greatly contribute to our marketing team.”

Corey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Visual Communications from the University of Delaware. Before Masterminds, Corey worked at [2 One 5] Creative, serving as Freelance Graphic Designer.