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        The eastern phoebe is a passerine, a perching bird with four toes—three forward-facing                                  Including:
       and one backward. This configuration allows the bird to grip branches. Note also the raised
               feathers producing a crest in photo below. PHOTOS: STEVE GIFFORD
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     nest they typically make a low swoop   I hope that each year my imagined
     near the ground with an upward arc into   courtship by an eastern phoebe contin-
     the nest.                            ues, since for me it has become a rite of   $          00                    $          00
        Outside of breeding season phoebes   spring as much as the appearance of the   10                                 5
     are primarily loners, having little contact   first daffodil. n                                 OFF                             OFF
     with their own species. Many birds learn
     their song from conspecifics (others of   Sources                                $100 or more                       $25 or more
     their species), yet laboratory experiments   CornellLab Birds of the World website.
     show that eastern phoebes know theirs                  Not to be combined with any other o er.   Not to be combined with any other o er.
                                                                                  Expires 6/30/2024.                 Expires 6/30/2024.
     innately.                              iNaturalist
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