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              SLICE OF LIFE

        Candy                    Alternatives

             A few tweaks to your Easter basket routine can
                   make the holiday fun and memorable.

              hile candies shaped like bun-  tion ahead. A few thematic ideas include,
              nies and eggs are always    The Good Egg: An Easter and Springtime
     Wcrowd-pleasing favorites for        Book for Kids and The Velveteen Rabbit.
     the Easter holiday, you can make the day   Cool Toys: Make children’s days
     extra special for kids with some less sug-  tweet-tastic with VTech Gabbers, fluffy
     ary treats that can be enjoyed year-round.   bird buddies that can be brought along
     For a joy-filled celebration, get inspired   on adventures by sliding a fabric-covered
     with these fun and egg-cellent ideas for   magnetic egg under one’s shoulder sleeve
     Easter baskets:                      and perching the bird on top. Three dif-
        Great Books: Books unlock new     ferent colored Gabbers: Jay Blue, Finch
     worlds and ideas, making them great gifts   Pink and Owl White, all sing, make funny
     on any occasion. Easter is no exception.   sounds and will repeat and tweet the   racer, pterodactyl chopper and more.   ing arts, you can get them started on their
     Use the opportunity to stock children’s   things kids say in a funny voice. Whether   Inspiration and Gear: Another fun   journey with a gift certificate for music,
     shelves with fiction by favorite and new-  you gift one bird, or all three, this will be   addition to Easter baskets is gear and tools   acting or dance lessons. Or, help get a
     to-them authors, as well as non-fiction   a beloved and adorable addition to any   that support kids’ hobbies, passions and   budding athlete prepared for the spring
     books on subjects of interest to them.   Easter basket. Another cool idea that puts   talents. For example, if you’re shopping   and summer sports seasons ahead with
     With the thoughtful gift of brand-new   a spin on Easter eggs? Switch & Go Hatch   for a young artist, consider gifting them a   a light-up baseball or softball, which will
     titles to discover, they’ll be well-prepared   & Roaaar Eggs. They open up to include   watercolor set, crafting kit or kid-friendly   allow them to extend their game of catch
     to stay engaged and entertained during   all the pieces needed to build 2-in-1 dino-  knitting needles.       into the evening, giving them a competi-
     the downtime of spring and summer vaca-  saur vehicles. The line-up includes a T-rex   For a child interested in the perform-  tive edge. n

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                                          The strongest drive system, the                                                      Remnants
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