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            BOOK NOOK                                                                 COMMUNITY UPDATE                                    from page 7

     Marvel-ous                                          book penned by        community-based services or left after   supports numerous local charities includ-
                                                          Excerpt from a
                                                                                                                   ing Boy Scouts of America, Ranch Hope,
                                                                               determining the people posed no danger
                                                                               to themselves or others. They also often
                                                           a local author.
                                                                                                                   Chambers of Commerce for Vineland,
                                                                               ordered transport to hospitals for people   local church ministries and missions, the
     LOCAL INSPIRATIONS                                    Vince Farinaccio    in psychiatric crisis or sick from drug use.   Salem County, and Cape May County.
                                                                               They responded mostly to homes, but also   The President’s Award is designed to
        The development of a Spider-Man               exclusively as a means   to group homes, nursing homes, [conve-  reward Carrier dealers who have excelled
     movie had begun with Menahem Golan               of earning money before   nience stores], schools, motels, a mall, a   in customer satisfaction. This award
     at Canon Films in 1983, but the first            he tackles fighting crime   gas station, and a bus stop.     presents the opportunity for recipients to
     attempt at a script lacked a proper              after his uncle is killed   There were also some unusual calls,   serve as role models, share best practices
     understanding of the title character.            and becoming prey to both   like a team dispatched to check on some-  and offer peer mentoring to help cultivate
        According to Sean Howe, “the first            underworld figures and   one who sent multiple letters to Rowan   excellence across the Carrier independent
     draft of the Spider-Man screenplay had           law enforcement.         University. “Individual said he was exer-  dealer network.
     been, perplexingly, about a man who                 Cameron’s story pits the   cising his First Amendment right and   For more information about Ben’s
     turns into a tarantula…” From there, things   Web-Slinger against Electro and Sandman   did not mean to cause alarm. No further   ProServ, visit
     became more complicated as the project   and creates a love interest between Mary   action taken,” the narrative notes.
     veered back and forth between develop-  Jane Watson and Spider-Man, rather than   The documents show the interactions   Vineland Food Factory
     ment of low- and high-budget productions   Parker, balancing the elements of a crime   also had some unexpected outcomes.
     that teetered between Fox and Sony Studios   drama and romance within the superhero   In one case, a call for a welfare check   Fined $463K Over Unsafe
     and a growing list of screenwriters that   genre. And Cameron chose to maintain   on a woman with anxiety ended with the  Working Conditions,
     included Ted Newsom, John Brancato,   Parker’s age in the origin tale: “He’s a   trooper picking up her new cell phone   OSHA Says
     Barry Cohen and Golan. By the time   senior in high school, and I’m playing it   from the post office and fixing a broken
     Carolco entered the race in 1991 it seemed   the way it was originally written,” the   toilet and the screener setting up her new   By Eric Conklin, NJ Advance Media for
     that a Spider-Man feature would soon   director is quoted in Comic Book Movies.  phone.             , March 21, 2024
     appear, if not by 1991 as Stan Lee claimed,   As early as the 1990s, Cameron was   Another call ended with the subject,   This story is being republished under a
     then in just a few years.            discussing the use of computer-generated   who had previously interacted with the   special NJ News Commons content-sharing
        According to Spider-Man artist John   images which would, during the following   crisis-response team, writing the screener   agreement. Link to story:
     Romita Sr., after the character departed   decade, allow filmmakers to better real-  a poem.                  berland/2024/03/nj-food-factory-fined-
     the small screen in 1979, “there was more   ize how superheroes could be adapted to                           463k-over-unsafe-working-conditions-
     than just a small lull…There were contract   live-action cinema. In 2004, Film Quarterly   Ben’s ProServ Receives   osha-says.html?outputType=amp
     disputes…that kept Spider-Man from get-  magazine would declare, “the proliferation                              A food company is facing hefty fines
     ting to the [big] screen. Originally, James   of comic-book movies…reflects technology’s  President’s Award from   after federal safety inspectors say its New
     Cameron was going to direct the film. We   ability to duplicate onscreen what before   Carrier for Quality and   Jersey plant harbored unsafe working
     at Marvel had wonderful dreams of what   could be realized only by comic book artists   Leadership            conditions.
     Cameron was going to do with Spider-Man,   on the page…Spider-Man’s digital passage                              The Occupational Safety and Health
     but because the film was held back, it cost   through the canyons of Manhattan is far   In recognition of its commitment to   Administration last Wednesday said it
     us Cameron on the film.”             more enthralling and three-dimensional   quality and leadership excellence in the   proposed fines against Aunt Kitty’s Food
        David Hughes notes that writer/direc-  than the old-fashioned matte and process   heating, ventilation and air conditioning   Inc. for operating deficiencies at its facto-
     tor Cameron, best known at the time for   work used in 1978’s Superman.”   (HVAC) industry, Ben’s ProServ recently   ry on North Mill Road in Vineland. OSHA
     the hit movies The Terminator and Aliens,   But Cameron would be denied the   received the 2024 President’s Award   proposed the company pay $463,000 in
     “had been a fan of superhero stories since   opportunity to apply the new technology   from Carrier. Carrier is part of Carrier   fines, the agency said.
     his youth, preferring Marvel Comics’ titles   to a Spider-Man film since Carolco’s bank-  Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global   The company is a subsidiary of
     like The Amazing Spider-Man and The   ruptcy in 1996, the same year Marvel filed   leader in intelligent climate and energy   Hanover Foods Inc. It manufactures
     Uncanny X-Men to DC Comics’ Superman   for Chapter 11, plunged the project into a   solutions.                canned foods including soups, sauces,
     and Batman tales.” Cameron, who had   battle over the rights to the character. Pathe   “Our team’s pursuit of superior work-  pasta, vegetables and gravy. Hanover sells
     considered becoming a comic book art-  had purchased Canon and Golan had taken   manship and customer satisfaction is at   products under the the Bickel’s Snacks,
     ist, was reportedly ready to produce an   his interest in a Spider-Man film with him   the heart of what we do, and this award   Castleberry’s, John Cope’s, Spring Glen
     X-Men film in the 1990s but was lured   when he moved to Fox. However, after Toy   inspires us to continue setting the stan-  and Wege Pretzels brands.
     away by the promise of a Spider-Man   Biz’s takeover of Marvel Entertainment   dard for service and giving back to the   Attempts by NJ Advance Media to
     movie, for which he turned in a 57-page   Group in 1998, Sony Pictures Entertainment   communities we serve. We are grateful   reach a representative for the company
     scriptment, a film treatment with dia-  entered into the fray and licensed the char-  to Carrier for this recognition and for the   were unsuccessful at presstime.
     logue, on August 3, 1993.            acter in a deal that would later bring the   opportunity it presents to foster a culture   OSHA investigators began probing
        Hughes reports that the scriptment   Web-Slinger to the big screen using only   of excellence among our peers,” said Ben   the South Jersey plant following a com-
     was “almost obsequiously faithful to   portions of Cameron’s scriptment.  n  Laury, president of Ben’s ProServ.  plaint in 2023, the agency said last week.
     Spider-Man’s comic book origins” and                                        Ben’s ProServ specializes in HVAC   Inspectors said they found one willful
     presented Peter Parker’s transforma-   Road to Infinity: Marvel’s Multimedia   installations for residential new construc-  violation and two repeat and four serious
     tion in flashback in the opening while   Journey and other books by Vince Farinacio,   tion and custom homes, as well as com-  infringements.
     using a first-person narration. It retained   including a biography of  Charles K. Landis,   mercial buildings and complete building   Aunt Kitty’s is accused of allowing
     the early use of Parker’s spider powers   are available at and  restorations. In addition, the company   workers to both service and clean equip-
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