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                                             MARCH 13, 2024
                                                                                         VOLUME 17 • ISSUE 5
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                                                                              for Fun

                                                                            It’s what you get when you

                                                                           mix two Irish musicians with

                                                                                   two Irish comics.
                                                                                                                     LOTS FOR TEENS
                                                                                  By William Sokolic
                                                                                                                     AT CUMBERLAND
                                                                                                                     COUNTY LIBRARY
                                                                               he Irish Comedy Tour at the Levoy
                                                                               Theatre on March 14 features a pair of            By Lorinda Jarvis
                                                                         Tcomedians and a couple of musicians who
                                                                         could be funny as well. So how do the two funny   Gianna, Sophia and Sunny sit
                                                                         guys work in the musicians who could be funny   side by side at a table, wearing
                                                                         into a comedy tour?                         bright smiles, ready to chat with
                                                                            “Personally, I think it’s the other way   a stranger about their favorite
                                                                         around,” says Mike Malone, one of the two com-  subject—reading.
                                                                         ics who are not musicians. “The two of them   Cell phones are nowhere in sight.
                                                                         have a dueling piano energy that is so electric   No need for electronics here at
          From left: Derek Richards, Damon Leibert, Derrick Keane, and Mike Malone.          the Cumberland County Library.
                                                                         some nights that it feels nice to be able to do our
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