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                 South Jersey                                                     Is Possible

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                                                                                  Mental Health,
             Job opportunities exist, workers seeking jobs exist.                 Addiction and
               Public transportation remains the missing link                     Developmental
                       in southern New Jersey counties.                           Disability Services

         n 2019, I published an article   cifically, the I95/Rt. 295/Rt. 130/Rt.322
         attempting to create awareness   corridor has seen an explosion in com-
     Iof the discrepancy in the lack of   mercial development growth (and tax
     availability of public transportation to   ratables) in the last two decades, there
     local employers versus the abundance   appears to be no corresponding develop-
     of unfulfilled skilled and unskilled job   ment or plans by the state and counties to
     opportunities.                       specifically address the public transpor-
        In summary, I wrote that Logan    tation needs of those individuals seeking
     Township has seen tremendous growth   employment.
     and expansion in its warehouse/industri-  Based upon the above average unem-
     al parks. With that growth we have seen   ployment rates detailed below, many in
     job opportunities significantly outpace   our region, most specifically, Salem and
     employee applicants, thus creating hun-  Cumberland Counties, need employment              | 1-800-963-3377
     dreds of open job positions.         opportunities.
        In 2018 and 2019, I met with over 50   • Gloucester – Unemployment: 4.2
     of the Township’s largest commercial   percent (as of November 2023); Poverty:
     employers and/or their human resource   7.6 percent (as of 2022)                               BRIDGETON PUBLIC SCHOOLS
     officers to understand the cause for   • Salem – Unemployment: 5.3 percent
     unfulfilled job openings. The overwhelm-  (as of November 2023); Poverty: 10.7 per-                 We’re Hiring!
     ing explanation I received was that   cent (as of 2022)
     potentially qualified applicants lacked   • Cumberland – Unemployment: 6.1
     adequate transportation to get to the job.   percent (as of November 2023); Poverty:              Positions Available:
        In 2019, we estimated approximately   15.5 percent (as of 2022)                                  High School Teachers:
     600 unfulfilled job openings in the com-  • National – Unemployment: 3.7 per-   Special Education Teacher * Mathematics Teacher * Science Teacher *
     bined warehouse/industrial parks within   cent (as of November 2023); Poverty: 11.5   Bilingual Teacher English Teacher * Dance Teacher * Social Studies Teacher *
     Logan Township. Since then, Logan    percent (as of 2022)                                     Health & Physical Education Teacher
     Township has seen eight new warehous-  These are people who want to work
     es and distribution centers open with   and support their families, but inad-               Middle School Teacher (Various positions):
     five more expected to open by the end of   equate public transportation prevents   Bilingual Teacher * ESL Teacher * School Nurse * World Language Teacher *
     2025. We project that more than 4,500   them from filling open job positions.   Special Education Teacher * Sign Language  Interpreter * School Psychologist
     jobs will be created but several hundred   We can change that. It is time to expand   * Speech Therapist* Preschool Teacher * Custodian * Food Service Worker *
     may go unfilled because of inadequate or   public transportation services in South   Elementary Teacher * Technology Teacher * Bus Aide * Instructional Aides
     unavailable transportation. A further 10   Jersey so that people who want to work     (Bilingual, Preschool, Kindergarten, Special Education)
     more commercial developers are actively   can actually get to available jobs.                         REQUIREMENTS:
     navigating the land use process or per-                                      1. Must submit application through Applitrack for open positions.
     mitting process for an additional 8 mil-  —Mayor Frank W. Minor              2.
     lion square feet and 7,500 more jobs in   Logan Township, Gloucester County  3. Required: High School Diploma or GED, and Certifications.
     Logan Township with similar transporta-                                      4. We participate with E-Verify. (An Employment Eligibility Verification)
     tion concerns.
        While the South Jersey region, spe-                                                        Please call Human Resources with any
                                                                                                    questions at (856) 455-8030 x2016.
                                                                                                      Website:     Stronger
                                                                                                   Select: Department and Human Resources  Together
                                                                                                           An EEO Organization
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