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                                                                                      TASTE OF THE TOWN

                                                                                                Soup’s On

               Don’t forget your
              camera on winter                                                        What better words to hear after coming in from
                   walks. The
              author captured a                                                               the cold on a winter’s day afield.
 by  J. Morton Galetto, CU Maurice River  Menantico Creek in
              Vineland. PHOTO:                                                 FOOD FOR THOUGHT                                          Jean Hecker
            J. MORTON GALETTO

                                                                                     he best way to recover from a cold   for three minutes until warmed through.
                                                                                     winter’s day is to sit down to a big   Serve in bowls with dollop of sour
                                                                              Tbowl of hot steamy soup.  Here’s     cream and be sure to have plenty of
                                                                               one of the best I’ve found.          crusty bread on hand.  n

                                                                               Hungarian Mushroom Soup              Jean Hecker has a BA in Home Economics
                                                                                 4 tbsp. unsalted butter            Education from Rowan University and
                                                                                 2 cups diced onions                enjoys exploring all facets of the food and
                                                      A cardinal fluffs its feath-  1 lb. fresh button mushrooms    restaurant industry.
                                                      ers to trap air, then warms   2 tsp. dried dill
                                                      it between its plumage in a
                                                      process called ptiloerection.   1 tbsp. Hungarian sweet
                                                      Dogs dash out to make the   1 tbsp. soy sauce
                                                      first tracks in the snow.   2 cups vegetable broth
                                                      PHOTOS: TONY KLOCK         2 tbsp. cornstarch
      them calling to one                                                        2 cup whole milk
      another. Calls across                                                      1/2 cup sour cream
      the snowy silence are                                                      2 tsp. lemon juice
      more dramatic than                                                         1 tsp. salt
      when leaves make                                                           1/4 tsp. black pepper
      rustling sounds under                                                      Pinch cayenne pepper
      your feet.                                                                 Chopped fresh parsley
        On no-moon nights,
      remember to stargaze.                                                      Melt butter in five-
      Nightfall is early in                                                    quart heavy bottom pot,
      winter and skies are                                                     Saute onions until soft, add
      often clearer, lacking                                                   mushrooms and cook five
      the humidity and haze                                                    minutes.
      of summer. Share some                                                      Stir in the dill, soy
      constellation stories                                                    sauce, paprika and broth.
      with a child or a friend.
      Maybe take a map of                                                      Reduce heat and simmer
     the constellations along                                                  for 15 minutes.
     or use a phone applica-              about staying warm outside, so I’ll spare   Whisk milk and corn-
     tion. Some optics can enhance the experi-  you my recommendations here and simply   starch in small bowl until
     ence. If the moon is out, enjoy its cratered   say, “Dress for the weather, from head to   combined, stir into soup;
     surface through binoculars.          toe.” With today’s gear and fabrics it’s pos-  cover and gently simmer,
        When you return home a great activity   sible to keep warm with less bulk than in   stirring occasionally for 12
     is to record the things you saw and heard   the past.                     minutes.
     in a journal. Encourage making a few   In the absence of snow you can still do   Then stir in sour cream,
     sketches—and maybe serve up mugs of hot   most of these activities. Winter hiking is a   salt, pepper, parsley, lemon
     chocolate.                           great way to warm up on a chilly day, but   juice, and cayenne. Cook
        Taking a hike is a great way to exer-  next snowfall, remember there’s plenty
     cise and spend some quality time with   more to do than shovel!
     your children, grandchildren, or a favorite   Maybe I will frolic; maybe I’ll make a
     youngster. Last year I wrote an article   snow angel. Maybe you might, too. n
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