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                                    Eco Tree–Tree of Life
                                    Mural Dedicated
                                                                                    Thinking about your


                                                                                    Let’s talk about

                                                                                    retirement planning

        The Eco Tree—Tree
      of Life mosaic was                                                            solutions and advice.
      recently dedicated at the
      First United Methodist
      Church’s building
      (corner of Wood and
      Seventh streets). The
      project is the fourth
      mural completed under
      Main Street Vineland’s
      VDID Urban Canvases
      On The Ave initiative
      to bring more public
      art installations to the
      town’s downtown district.
        About 35 people attended the cer-
      emony at the church. It was hosted by
      Pastor Jin Oh. Muralists Brian Hawk,
      pictured above left, and David Woods,
      right, were also on hand.
        “It was really a fantastic opportunity
      and we felt the love of the Vineland                                          Get one-on-one help on your road to retirement.
      community throughout the process
      and especially felt the warmth of the
      community on the very cold day of the                                         No matter where you are in your retirement planning, we can help you
      dedication” said Woods. Refreshments                                          prepare to reach your goals. From personalized service and financial
      were provided by the Spirit and Truth                                         specialists to powerful planning tools that can help you stay on track,
      Ministries.                                                                   you’ll find it at Schwab. If you’re ready to stop working, we’re ready to get
        For details about the progression of                                        started. Whatever your retirement goals may be, our financial professionals
      this project, see page 11.                                                    can help you prepare. From personalized advice and financial specialists to
                                                                                    powerful planning tools that help you stay on track, you’ll find it at Schwab.
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