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                                                                                Put a little Spring
                                                                                    ut a lit
                                                                                                                in your step
                                                                                                                in your step

                                                                                      Prom & Wedding

                                                                                    for Guys and Girls

                                                                                                          We carry all the colors


                                                                                                             Silver • Nude • Gold

                                        Barn Studio, Millville, New Jersey, home of the
                                        Maurice River School of Art, in the shade of a              in medium & wide widths
                                        beloved tulip poplar.
                                        LEFT: Tuliptree in May with this year’s blossom
                                        and last fall’s samara.

     larvae of all of these species are sizable.    to hang children’s art works with clothes-
     It is best known as a host plant for the   pins. A young student came up to me and
     beloved Tiger Swallowtail, a large, showy   warned me not to implement my plan.
     yellow butterfly.                      “That’s a magic tree, and you can’t do
        Native American uses for Liriodendron   that or Ms. Pat will be very upset.”                         639 Landis Ave. • Vineland
     tulipifera ranged from making 30- to   On reflection I think the child was cor-
 native Cherokee used the wood for canoes   40-foot canoes to cribs and medical treat-  rect: Tuliptrees are magical and I suggest   856-691-1180 •
 and medicinal purposes. Miners secured   ments. Cherokees made an infusion with   you go outside and experience its marvels
 mine shafts with tulip poplar timbers.   bark that was taken for pinworms and   and grandeur for yourself. n  Layaway Available • Gift Certificates
 Today it is still valued for furniture because  cholera infantum, a gastroenteritis in chil-
 it has a fine grain and is a stable hardwood.  dren that is often fatal. Cough syrup was   Sources  We Carry Men’s Sizes 5–17
 Its coloration is variable, including cream,   made from the bark. It was further used   Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Trees  Women’s Sizes 4–13 • Children’s Sizes 0 & up
 yellow, green, brown, and even purple   as a dermatological aid for wounds and for   Trees of New Jersey and the Mid-
 hues, such that when staining, uniformity   control of fever. It was given as a sedative   Atlantic States, New Jersey Department   Orthopedic & Diabetic Shoes • Shoe Repair • Shoe Dyeing
 is difficult to achieve. Therefore it is pri-  for women with “hysterics and weakness.”   of Environmental Protection, Division of
 marily utilized in portions of the furniture   Bruised bound leaves were bundled around   Parks and Forestry  CLIP & SAVE         COUPON        CLIP & SAVE        COUPON        CLIP & SAVE
                                                                                                 OUPON        CLIP & SA
                                                                                         VE         C
                                                                                                                      VE        C
                                                                                                                             OUPON        CLIP & SA
                                                                                CLIP & SA
 that are not displayed—drawer liners, hid-  the head of nerve pain sufferers. A tincture   Caterpillars of Eastern North America,
 den casework, or painted pieces. However   for snake bites has also been attributed to   David L. Wagner
 choice pieces have been used for veneers.   the tuliptree. Cherokee used it in the mak-  Quassinti L, Maggi F, Ortolani F et al.   $  00  $  00
 Its pulpwood is also processed for paper   ing of honey, as do people even today.   Exploring new applications of tulip tree   10  5
 production.   Modern research is exploring essential   (Liriodendron tulipifera L.): leaf essential   OFF                           OFF
 As you may recall, each butterfly and   oils obtained from the tuliptree for proper-  oil as apoptotic agent for human glioblas-
 moth has evolved to be reliant on opti-  ties that may help combat brain tumors and   toma. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2019   $100 or more  $25 or more
 mal food sources called host plants. The   malignant melanoma.  Oct;26(29):30485-30497. doi: 10.1007/
 tuliptree is a host plant for the following   Back to the Barn Studio, on one par-  s11356-019-06217-4. Epub 2019 Aug 23.   Not to be combined with any other offer.   Not to be combined with any other offer.
 moths: Tulip-Tree Beauty, Polyphemus,   ticular Barn Day I envisioned draping a   PMID: 31444719.  Expires 6/30/2023.  Expires 6/30/2023.
 Promethea, and Sweetbay Silkmoth. The   clothesline around the tuliptree in order   Wood
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