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 successful venture,” Fisher said. “The abil- New Jersey asparagus crop was valued at   spread over the fields for organic matter.   Cumberland Jail to
 ity to use organic practices has allowed the  $10.5 million, and spinach was valued at   This has resulted in soil that has a dark rich
 farm to keep a rich and vibrant soil base to  nearly $5 million. The overall production   color, and full of organic matter. They also   Improve Mental Health
 grow an outstanding variety of crops. We   of fruits and vegetables in New Jersey was   use a crop rotation system by dividing plots   Services Following
 encourage consumers to support our farm- valued at approximately $350 million.  of land into a half-acre or one acre, allowing   Inmate Deaths
 ers by purchasing locally grown produce   “The early crops have come in really   the unused land to replenish itself during
 wherever it is sold.”  nice, and we are anticipating a good year,”   years it is not in use.                         By Sophie Nieto-Muñoz,, New Jersey
 New Jersey ranks in the top 10 in the   said farm owner and operator Bob Muth,   Bob Muth, president of the Gloucester   Monitor, May 18, 2023
                                                                                                                      This story is being republished under a
 U.S. in the production of several crops,   who runs his operation along with his wife   County Board of Agriculture, is considered   special NJ News Commons content-sharing
 including fourth in asparagus and spin-  Leda. “These crops have been selling well   an expert in vegetable growing and soil hus-  agreement related to COVID-19 coverage.
 ach. According to the USDA’s National   in our market and we are pleased that so   bandry and has given several presentations   Link to story:
 Agricultural Statistics Service, in 2022 the  many are supporting local agriculture.”  on those subjects. He originally graduated   Financial Literacy   cumberland-jail-to-improve-mental-health-
        Muth Family Farm has been a certi-  from Rutgers University and took a job as   Taught to Teens            services-following-inmate-deaths/
      fied organic grower since 2001 and grows   an extension agent in South Carolina. After                          Cumberland County will provide
      produce throughout the season, which   three years he returned home to help his   Bank of America is one of the cor-  adequate mental health treatment and
      includes tomatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes,   dad on the farm and eventually decided to   porate partners at the Boys & Girls   access to medication for incarcerated
      peppers, squash, zucchini, radishes, broc-  go into farming full-time.    Clubs of Cumberland County. Thanks   people struggling with opioid withdrawal
      coli, melons, among the approximately 30   You can find out more about the farm   to Liz Vogt, VP, second from left, and   under a proposed consent decree after the
      crops they grow. Originally started as a   and check the daily market hours on   Manuel Bermudez, assistant VP, left,   Department of Justice investigated the jail
      Community Supported Agriculture opera-  Facebook at Muth Family Farm or go to the   for taking time to teach financial liter-  following the suicides of seven inmates.
      tion that eventually grew to more than 400   farm’s website at  acy to some of the Club’s teens as part   The agreement stems from allegations
      customers, the Muths decided to switch to   Other crops with an early harvest   of the Money Matters program.   that between 2014 and 2020, jail offi-
      an on-farm stand to serve more custom-  becoming available daily throughout the   Money Matters teaches teens how   cials treated inmates experiencing with-
      ers in the area, and also sells some crops   state include beets, kale, lettuce, and radish-  to set goals, manage budgets, save and   drawal and at risk of self-harm or suicide
      wholesale.                          es. Consumers can find what Jersey Fresh   invest, and use financial decision mak-  with “deliberate indifference,” federal
        As part of their organic practice, the   produce is in season and where it is being   ing skills.          prosecutors said last week. The Justice
      Muths use leaves from the municipality to   sold by going to
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