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                                                      “It’s wonderful! …very evocative and brimming with insights on
       Ant Entomologist Mary Treat: Ahead of Her Time             DEB OR AH   BOERNER   EIN
                                                       the natural world and the pioneering female naturalist who
                                                        helped shape how we understand it.”
                                                       —Robin F. Bachin, Ph.D., Charlton W. Tebeau Assoc.
                                                        Professor of History, University of Miami
                                                       ovelist Barbara Kingsolver cast a fictionalized Mary Treat as a
                                                      Nmain character in her 2018 bestseller Unsheltered. Since then,
       Early Vineland resident Mary Treat studied ant species along the Atlantic   Deborah Boerner Ein
                                                      many have sought to learn more about the 19th century naturalist
                                                      whose studies coincided with those of Charles Darwin.
                                                      With  access  to  the  Treat  files  at  the  Vineland  Historical  and
                                                      Antiquarian Society, biographer Deborah Boerner Ein tells the story
                                                      of Mary Treat, through these original papers:
       coastal plain, especially within the Jersey pine barrens. Read more
                                                      •  Letters from her many correspondents—prominent
                                                       six letters from Darwin
                                                       botanists, entomologists, and other scientists—including
                                                      •  Letters from family and friends
                                                      •  Professional and personal documents
                                                      •  Treat’s own published works
       about this esteemed naturalist’s life and research in the newly released
                                                      Boerner Ein uses all of these resources to bring this little-known
                                                     scientist to light in an era when her timeless lessons in nature and life
                                                     ring louder and clearer than ever.
       book, Mary Treat: A Biography. Available at, Amazon (amzn.
                                                      “Loved reading this well written and researched biography about
                                                      this fantastic scientist. How could Mary Treat have been essentially
                                                     forgotten when the breadth and depth of her research is outstanding?”
                                                      — Jon K. Gelhaus, Ph.D., Curator of Entomology,
                                                      The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
       to/3J8PZ0B) and other major booksellers.      © 2022 by Deborah Boerner Ein  ISBN-13: 978-1-3875-4330-4 $30.00 Can.  MARY  TREAT  “Significant insight into the life of a true scientist.”   —Patricia Martinelli
                                                             $22.00 U.S.
                                                          9 781387
                                                                       A BIOGRAPHY
     the marvels of the insect world. One of   attack other insects for protein meals,
     his articles featured this mound ant. In   and herein lies Maine’s divergence from
     the spirit of investigation he allowed an   the opinions of the other extension ser-
     Allegheny mound ant, Formica exsectoi-  vices that I perused.
     des, to bite him. Basically the mandibles of   The University of Maine describes
     the ant penetrate the skin, then the abdo-  workers as effectively controlling a vast
 among those also in favor of elimination.   men of the ant curls under and injects   number of pest species in pines, like saw-
 However the University of Maine exten-  venom. He described the bite as not all   fly, jack pine budworm, gypsy moth, and
 sion information was out of step with the   that painful, but the injection of the acid   white pine-weevil. Among wild blueber-
                                            Their fact sheet concluded that “[t]he  MOW FAST
 other extension fact sheets that I reviewed,  produced greater discomfort than the bite.  ries they prey upon caterpillars, beetles,
 referring to them as beneficial insects.   True to form I will take his word for it.   treehoppers, leafhoppers, crickets, wasps,
 As we discuss their propensities you   I’m more than happy to learn from oth-  fireworms, flea beetle larvae, grasshop-
 will begin to understand their history of   ers’ experiences. Exterminators suggest   pers, and flies.
 persecution by property owners. Then   taking a brush when dealing with their
 we’ll explore an advantageous aspect.    removal, to sweep them off clothing and   negative impacts of these colonies are the
 These mounds are designed to be incu-  skin. By the way, all ants can bite, but the   destruction of blueberry rhizomes and
 bators for the queens’ eggs and larvae;   resulting pain is not created equal. Take it   shoots in the immediate vicinity of the   HAVE FUN!
 note the apostrophe. It is unusual for ants   from a person who 35 years ago decided   mound, but this is minor compared to the
 in a colony to serve more than one queen   to steal an orange from an orange grove,   large benefit of pest control that is provid-
 but this species has several; it practices   this being my first time seeing orange   ed by the ants.” They go on to discourage
 polygyny meaning “many women.”   trees. How was I to know the grove was   spraying of insecticides because aphids   EXPERIENCE THE PRODUCTIVITY
 The mounds can be very large. The   patrolled by fire ants? The result was a   are a necessary source of sugar for the
 one we viewed at Peaslee was about   painful performance of the Watusi with   ant, and aphids do little to no harm to the   OF A FAST, CLEAN CUT WITH KUBOTA
 one foot high and three feet across. The   a lot of expletives accenting the chorus. I   blueberry bushes. All of this gets consid-
 depth of tunnels beneath these hills may   suppose most farmers would find my fate   erably more technical than I have shared,      Mower decks from 42” to 72”
 extend three feet. The circumference   well deserved!  but you get the main point.                            Engine horsepower from 19 HP to 32.5 HP+
 of an Allegheny mound ant’s hill can   On a night walk in Belize last month   Primarily these mounds are found in      Warranties up to 4 years depending on usage
 encompass a much larger area—three to   while looking for scorpions, spiders, owls,   the wilds of southern New Jersey. But
 nine feet in diameter. One source sug-  snakes, nightjars, and such I stopped to   surely they are not something you would    Unmatched ergonomics and comfort
 gests sizes of 15 to 18 feet and three and a  observe a kinkajou, just long enough to   want in your child’s sandbox—which is      K-Lift pedal for easy cut height adjustment
 half feet of mound height.   alert some fire ant soldiers to my presence.   unlike their natural habitat in any case.      Steel welded mower decks; 8-gauge or
 But its reach far exceeds the obvious   They send out pheromones to let others   You likely wouldn’t want your child   10-gauge depending on series
 knoll. In order to make their nursery/  know a big bad intruder has invaded the   exposed to many of the extermination      Max speeds up to 11.2 MPH
 home, this incubator needs sun.  colony. Within a few moments dozens of   methods described online either.      Large fuel tanks for increased productivity
 The ants inject formic acid into  sentries were setting my ankles on fire. To   So if perchance you see Allegheny
 plants and trees, all around the   which the guide repeated, “Watch out for   mound ants on your property, I would   $ $  % %
 stem or trunk, which kills the   the ants.” By the way, it is hard to watch a   advise you to look into their pros and cons   0 0 DOWN 0 0  FINANCING
 vegetation in the surrounding   kinkajou in a tree and protect your feet at   before seeking an exterminator; after all,   A.P.R.
 area so that sunlight can pen-  the same time.   one man’s annoyance just may be another
 etrate to the forest’s floor and   Back to our Allegheny mound ants,   man’s asset. n                                                   **
 warm the nursery. The area in   each mound’s grains of sand are meticu-                   FOR 36 MONTHS
 which vegetation is killed can   lously placed to magnify the sun’s rays,   Sources
 encompass a 40- to 50-foot   acting like a solar panel of sorts. Worker   “195 Beneficial Insect Series 1:
 zone. And if the colony has   ants are continually arranging and rear-  Allegheny Mound Ants,” University of   ON SELECT KUBOTA PRODUCTS
 divided and multiple mounds   ranging these surface grains. The effect   Maine Extension No. 2005.
 are present, vegetative destruc-  is as if a pile of uniformly sized sand par-  “Mound Ants,” Howard Russell,         163 RT 77 • ELMER, NJ
 tion can be more widespread.  ticles were poured through a funnel onto   Michigan State University Diagnostic        856-358-3100
 A 19-inch mound may harbor  the ground’s surface resulting in a per-  Service – June 26, 2009.                       FORMERLY ROORK’S FARM SUPPLY
 up to 250,000 residents.  fectly formed cone.  University of Maryland Extension,
 I always enjoy reading   Other workers have the task of col-  Michael Raupp, “The Bug Guy,” 2016.                     HOOBER.COM/KUBOTA
 Dr. Michael Paupp, from the   lecting honeydew, or the secretions   Numerous extermination service web-
 University of Maryland’s  Bug of  of plant-eating insects like aphids, for   sites to gather information on extermina-  **0% Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 36 months on purchases of select new Kubota Z100, Z200, & ZG series equipment from participating dealers’ in stock inventory is avail-
                                                                                able to qualified purchasers through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A.; subject to credit approval. Example: 36 monthly payments of $27.78 per $1,000 financed. Some exceptions
 the Week, in which he explores   sugars. And some workers aggressively   tion methods.  apply. Terms subject to change. Offers expire 06/30/23. This material is for descriptive purposes only. Kubota disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, or
                                                                                               any liability from the use of this material. For more information, see Dealer or go to
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