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                                                                                        Medicare Confusing?

                                                                                          Unsure if you are in the right plan?

                                                                                                                         Let your local family
                                          Soup Sale                                                                     owned agency help you
                                          Benefits Chapel                                                               pick the right plan that
                                                                                                                          fits your needs. Free
                                            The Altar Rosary Society of St. Padre                                       Medicare Plan Reviews
                                          Pio Parish, East Vineland, recently
                                          held their 3rd Annual Soup Sale under                                          and Group Education
                                          the direction of Kelly Soracco and her                                        Seminars available. We
                                          father  Bert Heer. About 200 quarts of                                          are an Independent
                                          chicken noodle, escarole and minestrone
                                          were made. Proceeds will benefit much                                         Agency specializing in
                                          needed improvements to the Holy Child                                             Medicare Plans
                                          Chapel of St. Padre Pio.                                                            and beyond.
                                                                                   Did you know there is Prescription Assistance and Part B assistance
                                                                                through the NJ Save Program? Call us for an appointment. Zoom, Mobile
                                                                                  Office, in person, and in office appointments available to fit your needs.
 unlimited tax (GOULT) ratings. The issu- tax on all taxable property for the pay-  als who may be most at risk to get vacci-
 er rating reflects the city’s ability to repay ment of debt service without limit as to   nated in advance of the exposure, officials
 debt and debt-like obligations without   rate or amount.  reported.                                          2535 S Delsea Dr.
 consideration of any pledge, security or   The Note is being issued to refund   Under Expanded Vaccination, individ-  Vineland NJ 08360
 structural features.  $26.3 million of the city’s $26.8 million   uals who do not have a known exposure,   (856) 208-6610
 The MIG 1 rating reflects the city’s   Bond Anticipation Note, dated November   but have been in or may be in situations   Essential Senior Benefits
 strong underlying credit quality (reflected 9, 2021 and maturing November 9, 2022   with a higher risk of exposure, are eligible   Your Peace of Mind is Essential  Hablamos Español
 in its Aa3 long-term rating) and demon-  and to provide $258,750 in new money to   to receive the vaccine. Some examples
 strated history of market access.  fund a portion of capital projects.  include:
 The Aa3 issuer rating reflects the   The principal methodology used in   People in certain occupational expo-
 city’s below average resident wealth and  the long-term ratings was US Cities   sure risk groups such as laboratory per-
 income levels but strong financial posi-  and Counties Methodology published   sonnel working with orthopoxviruses,
 tion due to conservative budgeting. The  in November 2022. See the Rating   clinical laboratory personnel performing
 rating also reflects the city’s below aver- Methodologies page on ratings.moodys.  diagnostic testing for orthopoxviruses,
 age long-term liabilities and fixed costs.  com for a copy of these methodologies.  and orthopoxvirus and healthcare worker
 The absence of distinction between       response teams designated by appropriate
 the issuer and GOULT ratings reflects   Two New Monkeypox   public health and antiterror authorities.
 the city’s general obligation full-faith   For individuals with known exposure
 and credit pledge as well as an unlimited  Vaccination Sites Open  or exposure to a person with monkeypox
 property tax that is dedicated to debt   Two new additional monkeypox   within the past 14 days, the two-dose
 service.  (hMPXV) vaccination sites with commu-  antiviral regimen called tecovirimat
 Moody’s typically does not assign out- nity partners have opened locally as vac-  (TPOXX) for preventing monkeypox con-
 looks to local government issuers with   cinations continue under expanded eligi-  tinues to be available through local health   Your  favorite  thrifty  finds  are  at  the   Home Decor
 this amount of debt outstanding.  bility, New Jersey Department of Health   departments.               Freedom Market, stop by to find the   Kitchen Appliances
 Factors that could lead to an upgrade  (DOH) officials reported.    People with symptoms of monkeypox   beautiful pre-owned pieces that put   Household Items
                                                                                                        your own unique stamp on your home.
 to the ratings include Improved eco-  New Jersey DOH has received mon-  should contact a healthcare provider to be
 nomic growth relative to the nation and  keypox vaccines from the federal govern-  evaluated for possible testing. Specimens
 Improved resident wealth and income  ment and provides them at no cost to   must be collected by a healthcare pro-
 Factors that could lead to a downgrade  individuals.  vider and sent to a laboratory.  Donate gently used furniture
 to the ratings include material deteriora-  The new sites, which join other   Contact information for Cumberland   and household items to support
 tion of resident wealth and income, mate- community partner vaccination sites   County Health Dept. for Millville and   the Freedom Homes mission.
 rial growth in leverage absent continued  throughout the state offering vaccines   Bridgeton is 856-327-7602, ext. 7120. For
 economic and financial growth, sus-  primarily through appointments, include   Vineland you need to call for an appoint-
 tained declines in reserves and liquidity  Cumberland County Health Department   ment/location at 856-794-4000, ext.   Freedom Furnishing   Freedom Market
 (GOULT and short-term), and downgrade  and Vineland Health Department.   4806.  and Mattress Outlet     Thrift Store
 of long-term credit quality (short-term)  While reported monkeypox cases have   More information on monkeypox   801 N. High Street, Millville, NJ  701 N. High Street, Millville, NJ
 The notes are backed by the city’s   decreased since the peak in the summer   data, testing, symptoms and vaccines is   (856) 765-5162  (856) 300-5342
 pledge of its full faith and credit backed  of 2022 and risk has remained low for the   available at
 by its legal obligation to levy ad valorem  general public, it is essential for individu-  Continued on  next page   701 N. High Street, Millville, NJ   |   (856) 300-5342   |
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