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                                                                               $  165                                   

 walled town. The southern waterfront
 on the Mississippi would be slightly
 less than a mile long. The town was   Looking at the current course of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway gives greater insight into how         
      New Orleans would have been accessed through Lake Pontchartrain and then Bayou St. John,
 bordered strategically on the north by   thus eliminating the many twists and turns of the lower 100 miles of the Mississippi.
 lakes Pontchartrain and Borgne, which,   MAP: LOUISIANA OIL SPILL COORDINATOR OFFICE                   CALL TODAY!
 via portage to Bayou St. John, provided

 a shortcut to the Mississippi for ship-
 ping. Goods would travel north to these   Living far from New Orleans, one might ask,                                                
     Salem County's Most Trusted Plumbing,

 lakes and then southwest to the Gulf of   “Why should I be concerned?” Well, 33 percent of oil        
                   
        Heating & Air Conditioning Company, with
                                                                                                                                    over 25 years of experience.
 Mexico instead of navigating the last 100
 winding miles of the Mississippi.   and 25 percent of gas production in the United States
 Today shipping occurs on the intra-  derives from the region.                                           $
 coastal waterway and main river, run-                                                Complete Pair  99
 ning from Texas to Florida. Since the
 water is bordered by 25-foot levees I   because water is continually being pumped   that had 25-foot-deep sheet piling in   of Glasses  Includes Exam
 would not consider the views of the river   away from developed lands (actually wet-  earthen embankments, but they slid when   $  with Contact
 scenic, but I might not offer that opinion   land) into the surrounding marsh and the   undermined by water. The levees suffered   59  Lens Fitting,
 on Bourbon Street!  Mississippi. A Baldwin Wood Pump has   breeches and water came pouring in from        Trials & Glasses
 The strategic value of owning land at   made whole swaths of the city habitable.  Lake Pontchartrain.
 the mouth of the Mississippi was evident,   The advancements of the early 1900s   Mother Nature once again proved that   Includes Eye Exam
 as it gave access to 2,300 miles of river—a   led to the draining of swamps and enabled   wetland buffers, faulty engineering and
 river that bisected North America and was   development of low-lying subdivisions.   poor emergency preparation all fall short
 rich with natural resources. For lands west  Inadvertently, it also caused those soils   of acceptable. After Hurricane Katrina
 of the Appalachian Mountains this was the  to compact/subside in elevation, requir-  many new water control structures were
 only accessible port.  ing greater drainage and levee protection   put in place. Historically, engineering   $15 OFF
 New Orleans, over its 300-year his-  systems.    projects contributed to the water prob-
 tory, has grown far beyond the borders of   Historically, Louisianians’ primary   lems, but the only way to solve them is   any frame
 the French Quarter, and the lands beyond   concern has been flooding. Flood control   through more engineering. Hopefully    over $59.95
 are lower yet. In order for New Orleans   improvements, primarily spillways con-  methods going forward will work better,
 to grow, diverting water away from   structed after the Great Flood of 1927,   but the track record is not encouraging.
 developed areas has always been crucial.   have left them with hurricane surges as   Levees have been redesigned since
 Channels, levees, and flap gates were all   their greatest flood threat.  Katrina. A 1.8-mile surge barrier has been   BRAND   Ultra Wide Field Retinal Imaging
 utilized to drain the flood-prone city. In   In 1965 “Billion Dollar Betsy” brought   placed in the wetlands at the confluence   NEW Without Drops!
 1915 one invention that changed the face   her hurricane wrath to the Orleanians,   of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and
 of New Orleans was the Baldwin Wood   causing 58 deaths and $1 billion in hurri-  the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. It’s
                                                                                 *Offer valid with frames tagged $49 (with SV lenses). Eye exam alone priced $39.
 Screw Pump. It resembles an Archimedes’   cane damage, and flooding 22,000 homes.   called Lake Borgne Surge Barrier and is   All eye exams performed by Dr. Christopher Mrochko. NJ Optometrist Lic#27OA00607700
 screw (envision a corkscrew’s spiral)   Then came Hurricane Katrina in 2005,   equipped with enormous gates that can                                                                                                                                                                                                              00
 used for raising water. Since the city sits   leaving more than 1,800 dead and $100   be opened or closed. The estimated con-  856.507.1800 |
 between one and two feet below sea level it  billion in damages. The 19-foot storm   struction costs were $1.1 billion in 2013,                 $
 is less than four feet above the water table,   surge also broke through the levee walls   301 South Main Road (Maintree Shopping Center) Vineland, NJ                   165
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