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 tion utilizing UHPC technology has been                                  get the updated shots as fall and winter   have completed their initial COVID-19
 identified as the most effective solution.   New Site for COVID-19   vaccine boosters that will target vari-  approach and coronavirus cases typically   vaccination series.
 In March 2022, the DRBA contracted   ants that are more contagious, allow-  rise?                               The boosters are known as bivalent
 with UHPC Solutions North America   Vaccination Clinic in   ing for better protection. The updated   Experts hope so, because the Omicron   shots, meaning they have been updated
 LLC of Orange, NJ, to undertake the   Bridgeton  boosters contain parts of the original   booster could help blunt the impact of   to combat two strains: the original novel
 deck overlay project on the New Jersey-  The Cumberland County   virus strain and the Omicron variant.   another surge, they say.  coronavirus and the highly contagious
 bound Span of the DMB. The three-phase   Department of Health is opening a   It’s known as a bivalent vaccine.   “I don’t want to go into this fall-  Omicron variant (and all of its subvari-
 project, which will cost approximately   new site for its COVID-19 vaccination   The CDC is recommending that   winter without a booster,” said Dr. David   ants).
 $71 million, is expected to be completed   clinics. The new site address is 10-20   everyone 12 and older receive an   Cennimo, an infectious disease expert at   This is the advantage of the mRNA
 in November 2023.  Magnolia Ave. Suite A, in Bridgeton.   updated bivalent booster dose if eli-  Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.  shots: The ability to take the vaccine,
 Hoppenjans added that a full deck   This Bridgeton site will hold the   gible. Individuals should receive the   The new boosters are available at   tweak it and roll it back out in a short
 replacement, the only viable alterna-  September COVID-19 clinics and will   bivalent booster two months after their   chain pharmacies such as CVS and Rite   time frame with updated protection.
 tive identified, is significantly more   be used for other public health ser-  primary series or last booster dose.   Aid, independently owned pharmacies,   “If we think back to a couple years
 expensive, takes longer to construct,   vices in the future.  Those who have not received their   participating Stop & Shop supermar-  ago when we first started talking about
 and is much more disruptive to traffic in   “The health department is very   primary series shots are not eligible for   kets and many medical centers. You can   mRNA technology, this is what was
 comparison to the UHPC deck overlay   excited to be utilizing this new space,”   the bivalent booster.   search for vaccination providers near   promised—the ability to rapidly address
 process. For more information, visit drba.  said Megan Sheppard, Cumberland   The Cumberland County Health   you at   a new variant and change and tweak the
 net.  County’s health officer. “This site   Department will be offering the   •  vaccine in near real-time,” Cennimo said.
    provides more room to operate and   bivalent vaccine booster as soon as it   675&medicationGuids=25e72c3c-8f6c-  The BA.5 lineage of the Omicron vari-
 Distribution Facility   grow the health department’s public   is received from the manufacturer.   4738-9638-08911a400e70%2C018b22d2-  ant is overwhelmingly the most preva-
                                      Appointments to receive the booster
                                                                                                               lent strain in New Jersey and the U.S.,
 in Vineland Sold to   services.”     can be made at cumberlandcountynj-  ppointments=true&medicationK         according to the latest update from the
     The last clinic of the month is on
 Investment Firm   Tuesday, September 27, from 3 to   eys=moderna_covid_19_vaccine_biva-   state. BA.4 subvariants are the second
                                        For more information or questions
 California-based investment firm   6 p.m.  regarding COVID-19 vaccines/boost-  lent_booster%2Cpfizer_covid_19_vac-  most common.
                                                                                                                 “It means that this booster will give
 Provender Partners has purchased a   The FDA has recently authorized   ers, visit or call 856-327-   •  you more protection that is Omicron-
 217,540-square-foot food production and   updated Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19   7602.  Most adults are eligible, provided they   Continued on next page
 distribution facility located in Vineland
 for $22.5 million. Built in the mid-
 1990s, the facility features clear heights
 of 28 feet, 23 dock-high doors, ample
 trailer parking and both freezer and                                                      20  Annual
 cooler space. The 18-acre site also has
 the potential to be expanded. Provender
 Partners acquired the facility from the                                       Padre Pio Festival
 tenant, Safeway, in a sale-leaseback.

 COVID Omicron Boosters   Sunday, September 25 , 2022 • 11 am – 5 pm
 Now Available in NJ.   17t h  A n n u a l
                        Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry
                        Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry
 Here’s Who is Eligible   St .  P a d r e  P io  F e s t i va l
 and Where to Get Them
 By Spencer Kent | NJ Advance Media   September 22, 2019
                                           11AM — 6 PM
 for, September 14, 2022   MASS SCHEDULE                                   FOOD & ACTIVITIES
 This story is being republished under a
 special NJ News Commons content-sharing                                    Music All Day • 50/50 Tickets • Take Out
 agreement. Link to story:  English Mass
 virus/2022/09/covid-omicron-boosters-      and         FOOD               Chicken Platters • Porchetta Sandwiches
 now-available-in-nj-heres-who-is-eligible-                               Sausage & Peppers • Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
                                           Chicken Barbecue ● Porchetta ●
 and-where-to-get-them.html      Procession 11 am                           Meatball Sandwiches • Clams & Shrimp
 New COVID-19 boosters, which        —
                                        Sausage and Peppers  ● Pasta Dinner ●
 are redesigned to protect against the   Pizza ● Hot Roast Beef  ● Shrimp and             Eggplant Parmesan
 Omicron variant, are now available in   Italian Mass                    Café Pio (Coffee Cakes, Cookies) • Funnel Cake
 New Jersey.                              Clams ● Funnel Cake ●Desserts by
                                            Café Pio ● Beer, Wine and Soda
 But the question looms: Will residents    2 pm                            
                                          OUTSIDE FOOD/COOLER FEE $20.00
    St. Padre Pio Parish
   Church of Our Lady of Pompeii • 4680 Dante Ave., Vineland NJ 08360 • 856-691-7526
     4680 Dante Avenue
     Vineland, NJ 08361                  Children’s Activities, Games & Arcade                              Basket Auction ● 50/50
      856-691-7526                            Local Fresh Produce Stand
                                         Religious and Italian Articles for Sale
   C ommu nit y  Wi ff le                       Music & Entertainment
         Ball Ga me  &                          MASS SCHEDULE
     Fir ew o r ks!
                                          English Mass and Procession 11 AM
  S at.  Sept.  2 1  at 6PM                       Italian Mass 2 PM
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