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 by Stephanie Farrell
              Local graduate is top
              Local graduate is top
                woman finisher in
                woman finisher in

          U.S. Chess Championship.
          U.S. Chess Championship.

          or Kameliia Sharuda, a Rowan College of South
          Jersey (RCSJ) ducation major who graduated on                                                           A number of vanity plates are fashioned after our
     FFriday, May 13 with a 4.0 GPA, it’s always been                                                             state’s rare species. The red-headed woodpecker
      important to finish strong. The 2021 U.S. Open Wom-                                                         has been a symbol of Conserve Wildlife and the
      en’s Chess Champion is very familiar with the similari-                                                     New Jersey’s Endangered Wildlife Fund Tax
      ties between chess and life—and being both student and                                                      Check-Off, which enables New Jerseyans to sup-
      teacher.                                                                                                    port the Endangered and Nongame Species Pro-
        Last year, she defeated Matthew O’Brien, a U.S.                                                           gram that helps protect our state’s rare wildlife.
      Chess Master, in the final round, to become the highest-
      placing woman in the chess championship. American                                                            Red-Headed Woodpecker
      Chess Magazine published an article about her accom-                                                             By J. Morton Galetto, CU Maurice River
        Sharuda began playing the game of chess in her                                                               A flash of dark wings disappears and
      homeland of Ukraine, at the age of four.                                                                    reappears, white patches accenting each
        “I was playing too many card games and my parents                                                         wing beat. The stroboscopic effect cap-
      got tired of it,” she recalled. “So, my mom suggested                        tures my eye. When the wings tuck against
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                                                                                                                  the body the robin-sized bird navigates
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