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 THE GREAT OUTDOORS  Favorite                                                                         RAMPARTS BOOT

       Sunsets (of
       Jane and Pat)
          • Bradford’s Beach,
       Dwyer’s Cove, Downe
       Township                                                                   SUPPORTING
          • Turkey Point Rd.,
       Downe Township                                                                OUR
 Roamin’ in the gloamin’ wi’ ma lassie by   (transitioning sunset
 ma side,  pictured)                                                                 MILITARY
 When the sun has gone to rest,  • Money Island
 That’s the time that we love best,  looking over
 Oh, it’s lovely roamin’ in the gloamin’.  Nantuxent Creek,
 We talked about how most people miss   Downe Township
 the best part of a sunset. They make a quick   • Hansey Creek Rd.,
 exodus the moment the sun dips beneath   Commercial Township
 the horizon. Secretly I welcome their   • PSEG, Commercial Township
 departure as I remain behind to soak up   Restoration Site, across from Bayshore
 what comes next—twilight. This is some-  Center in Bivalve
 thing Pat and I have chatted about many   • East Point Lighthouse over the
 times. They essentially miss the gloamin’.   meadows, Maurice River Township
 Pat points out, “The show has just   • Thompson’s Beach Rd., Maurice
 begun.” The scattering of the blue light   River Township, PSEG viewing platform
 leaves us with only the warm colors. Then   • East side of Union Lake, Millville
 the magic truly begins as the earth is nei-  • Bayside Rd., Greenwich
 ther completely dark, nor is it fully illumi-
 Pat says if you face the east you actu-  Apollo, or earlier, Helios, ushered the   ends can be truly transformative. In a few
 ally see the sun’s shadow on the opposite   sun across the skies from east to west in a   seconds’ time it’s entirely different.
                                                                                                                           t C
 horizon. “After the sun dips below the hori- golden chariot, and during the dark hours   “I like the sunset over the marsh better   Layaway Available • Gift Certificates
 zon there’s a pink glow,” she explains. “In  lounged in a golden cup. What a life—a   than simply the water,” I told her.
                                                                                               We Carry Men’s Sizes 5–17
 mythology they call it ‘Aphrodite’s girdle’.” carriage ride by day and respite in a chal-  “Me too; Bradford’s Beach at Dwyer’s   W e C arry Men’ s Sizes 5–17
 I only recalled that the Greek god   ice by night!  Cove is my favorite. I stayed in a bunga-
                                                                                 Women’s Sizes 4–13 • Children’s Sizes 0 & up
        We spoke of the colors on display—after   low there and it was magical,” Pat sighed   W omen’ s  Sizes  4–13  •   Childr en’ s  Sizes  0  &  up
     the sun dips beneath the horizon—that   in reminiscence.                    Orthopedic & Diabetic Shoes      •  Shoe R epair  •  Shoe Dyeing
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     reflect and surround you at nearly 360   I had mentioned to one of my friends, a
     degrees. We were clearly feeding off each   resident of Fortescue, that I prefer Hansey   CLIP & SA VE         C OUPON
                                                                                       CLIP & SAVE         COUPON
     other’s passion for the daily event. I finally   Creek’s nightfall to Fortescue’s because I
     asked her, “Patsy, what do you think makes   see the creek, the marsh, Fortescue, and   $  00
     our flatlander marsh sky so alluring?”  the sunset at the same time. And she was                     OFF
        “Well, here we have three-fourths   quick to reply, “But in Fortescue we get
     sky and one-fourth earth,” Pat answered.   to see both the sunrise and the sunset.”     $25 or more
     “In the mountains it’s much less sky. So   This is possible because it is a New Jersey,
     there’s more sky to enjoy here.”     Delaware Bayshore barrier island. Her   Not to be combined with any other offer. Expires 4/30/22.
        She said she would take a flatlander sky   remarks truly affirmed that the love of the                  CLIP & SA   VE         C OUPON
                                                                                                                CLIP & SAVE         COUPON
     over a mountain’s evening sky anytime.   familiar is what builds appreciation.
     I told her that I go to places that initially   Pat inquired, “What is this for, any-                  $               00
     seem prettier than southern New Jersey,   way?” wanting to know why I had called                                                OFF
     but in the end I always love home the   to discuss the lowering of the sun.
     best, because that’s where our emotional   “Well, I want to write about the best
     attachment lies. We agreed that it’s about   places to see sunsets on the Bayshore,”                            $100 or more
     a sense of place, our place, our roots.  I explained. “You know you have to get                       Not to be combined with any other offer. Expires 4/30/22.
        She went on to explain how she never   back from the tree line because you can’t
     tires of painting a familiar spot because it   see the sunset through the trees. It’s all
     is always changing, and that the love of a   about viewscape.”
     place derives from that intimacy of con-  “Indeed.”
     tinual connection. It is always in flux, and   In the end we came up with several
     with each transformation we witness, we   recommendations. But I’ll bet the sunset   639 Landis A ve.  • V ineland
     get to know it better. And isn’t that what   in the place you love best is truly the most
     a sunset is all about? Where it starts and   amazing one for you. n         856-691-1180 •
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