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             IN OUR SCHOOLS

     Millville High Students              garden industry. Espoma responded by                                                 Environmental Science
                                          making a generous donation of organic
     Partner with Community               potting soil and fertilizer to the green-                                            students Tyler Jones and
                                                                                                                               Jae-ran Drinks check in on
     in Growing Plants                    house.                                                                               the plants they are growing
                                                                                                                               in the Millville High School
                                            According to LaTorre, this was the first
        Environmental Science students at   step to creating a zero-waste program:                                             greenhouse.
     Millville High School only recently gained   “We would like the greenhouse to become
     access to a brand new greenhouse facil-  self-sustainable by utilizing ‘seed saving’
     ity. It officially opened in September 2021   and using biodegradable pots and organic
     as part of the major renovation project   fertilizers and potting mixes. It was a
     currently underway on the Senior High   no-brainer to reach out to the Espoma
     campus. Now, just a few months later, the   Company, which was started here in
     greenhouse is already giving back to the   Millville.”
     community.                             Next, the teachers were put in con-
        All of this would not have been pos-
     sible if not for a chain of community con-  tact with the Holly City Development
                                          Corporation, which created the Millville
     nections that can only be described as   Community Garden at 401 East Vine
     “home-grown.” It began with teachers   Street in Center City Millville. This gar-
     Mike LaTorre and Darren Carr, who co-  den is part of a wider effort to revitalize
     teach the Environmental Science classes   downtown Millville, as outlined in the
     and also manage the greenhouse for the   HCDC Center City Neighborhood Plan.   DeShay Colson and other
     school and are responsible for manage-  The Community Garden and fellow sci-  students explain the grow-
     ment of the growing program.         ence teacher Brenda Hoffman contributed   ing process to Mr. Serge
        First, the pair made a connection with   tomato and pepper seeds, which would be   Brunner from Espoma,
                                                                                   who was invited to visit
     the Espoma company, a nearly 100-year-  the very first plants Millville High School   the Millville High School
     old family-owned and Millville-based   students had the opportunity to grow in   greenhouse and see the
     business that is the leading provider of   the greenhouse.                   progress of the program.
     organic fertilizer in the retail lawn and
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