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                                                                                             VOLUME 15 • ISSUE 9  M Meow of a Sunset

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                                                                          A Win

 by Stephanie Farrell

                                                                                                                   Inspira Donates

                                                                                      By Mickey Brandt             Ambulance to Ukraine
                                                                                                                     On March 23, Inspira Health donated
                                                                                                                  humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the form
                                                                                                                  of an ambulance stocked full of additional
                                                                                                                  donated items.
                                                                                    otary built it and they came back.   “Ashley Stetsenko and her husband
                                                                                    Came back from Carney’s Point,   Dan are very involved in the Slavic
                                                                              Rfrom Rio Grande; from Salem,       Evangelical Baptist Church in Vineland,”
                                                                               Gloucester, Atlantic, Cape May, and, of   said Amy Mansue, president and CEO,
                                           2019 Challenger  League participants
                                           2019 Challenger   League  participants  course, Cumberland counties to play   Inspira Health. “They’ve been coordinat-
                                                                               on the fields inspired by the Vineland   ing with us on our efforts and recently
           Baseball is back for area’s Challenger League,                      Rotary Club.                       reached out and asked us if we had any

           Baseball is back for area’s Challenger League,
                                                                                                                  vehicles that were not in service that we
                                                                                 After two years of no baseball due
       and it’s an all-around win—for players, spectators,                     to COVID, the Challenger Division of   might be able to send over. And so we’ve

       and it’s an all-around win—for players, spectators,
                           and ‘buddy’ athletes.
                           and ‘buddy’ athletes.                    North Vineland Little League will have   transferred a vehicle to them, an ambu-
                                                                                                                  lance, and they are quickly working to try
                                                                               Opening Day on May 7. Registration
                                                                               is open until Saturday. The league is   and coordinate its transport to ... Ukraine.
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