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     awaited mate, all in an effort to produce   Male hooded merganser, right, tails a female.
     progeny.                             PHOTO BY AUTHOR
        Red maples will flower in minute
     buds that make the riverbanks take on a
     rosy hue. Woodchucks (groundhogs) and   During March, for many species
     black bears will come out of hibernation.   things are really heating up! There is
        Eastern bluebirds will take nature’s   much more to come as spring continues
     cues and lay the eggs of their first brood.   to unfold. By May nature will be in full
     As spring advances to summer some    swing as each creature successively joins
     will actually lay three sets of eggs. Few   in its own courtship rituals.
     efforts will match the bluebirds’ devo-  So whether or not March goes out
     tion. Incubation is up to two weeks and   with a roar or a bleat it brings on a natu-
     care lasts over a month, so that’s a lot of   ral bounty filled with wondrous drama to
     parental effort!                     behold.  n

       I can enjoy March’s contrasts.

       But absent a break, the                                                    Some people were born to be doctors.
                                                                                  Some of the best come here.
       bleaker days just seem

       too heavy on the brow.                                                     At Inspira Health, the leading doctors of today are training the top
                                                                                  doctors of tomorrow. Learn more about Inspira Health services near
       It is this contrast                                                        you at

       that gives such grandeur
       to the splendid ones.

                                                                                                                   Born to Care.
       Female purple martin in flight. PHOTO BY AUTHOR
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