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 THE GREAT OUTDOORS                                Author’s grand niece               Complete Pair  89
                                                   hugs a Douglas fir—
                                                   clearly a Mother Tree—
                                                   in the Pacific Northwest,
                                                   Federation State Forest,             of Glasses
                                                   Enumclaw, Washington.                                   Includes Exam
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                                                                                    49.                    Trials & Glasses
                                                                                                            Lens Fitting,

                                                                                    Includes Eye Exam

                                                     Mother Trees also have the
                                                   deep root systems that help      $15 OFF
                                                   manage drought and redistrib-     any frame
                                                   ute moisture as well as carbon.
                                                   Through the connection of        over $49.95
                                                   their roots and the hyphal
                                                   link/network, the largest trees
                                                   help maintain the health of the   BRAND  Ultra Wide Field Retinal Imaging
                                                   younger trees, forming a com-   NEW Without Drops!
                                                     Policymakers began to
                                                   revise their regeneration poli-  *Offer valid with frames tagged $49 (with SV lenses). Eye exam alone priced $39.
                                                   cy, reducing herbicide spraying   All eye exams performed by Dr. Christopher Mrochko. NJ Optometrist Lic#27OA00607700
                                                   by half. Simard’s work drove
      she demonstrated that the birches and firs    much of this change.           856.507.1800 |
      were exchanging nutrients, and that in   Throughout her book Simard makes         301 South Main Road (Maintree Shopping Center) Vineland, NJ
 On a walk in Bear Swamp, Downe Township, led by Natural Lands a hiker climbs into  different seasons the one was more reliant   observations about the similarities
 the huge hallow of a fallen tree. This dead tree will support fungal decomposition.  on the other. She equated this to commu-  between humans and forests. For exam-  Lisa Harrell NMLS# 1593707
      nication, and considered that ultimately   ple: “…a cubic foot of soil is packed with   VP, Residential Lending O
                                                                                   Lisa Harrell NMLS# 1593707
 around this concept. Botanists before her  the fungal threads were the main vehicle   a hundred miles of mycelium. A web of   VP, Residential Lending O
 recognized that plants were in a life-and- of exchange. She also professed that over   life like our own cardiovascular system of
 death interchange with fungus—a mutual- the long term the overall wood output of a   arteries, veins, and capillaries.” What we
 ism, with each relying on the other for an  mixed forest exceeded that of a monocul-  can readily see is the reproductive part of
 exchange of nutrients. Yes, some fungus  ture. Agency people pushed back, but in   fungus—mushrooms filled with spores—
 is detrimental, but many have a beneficial  time her studies and theories gained the   but the organism is much larger beneath
 and essential connection.    respect of many foresters.  the ground.
 The reader follows Simard’s discovery   Simard’s theories flew in the face of   When diagramming the forest’s
 process when she first pulled up saplings  accepted forestry practices that saw dif-  Mother Trees and their kin, Simard makes
 and found networks of fungal threads on  ferent species as competing, not comple-  analogies between the construction of             Cathi Ingraham
 the roots of trees that were doing better   menting and cooperating as her studies   our brain functions—our neurons and   VP, Commercial Lending O
 than those without the thread-like struc- indicated. As research evolved it was   synapses—and the mycelium network of               Cathi Ingraham
 tures—hyphal branches. She began to   revealed that there was a critical chemical   the forest, with the Mother Trees being   VP, Commercial Lending O
 study the fine details of these hyphal links;  exchange of nutrients and carbon pro-  the neurons and the chemical signals and   OUR focus is on YOU.
 most are microscopic. And she suspected  vided by larger trees to saplings. Young   exchanges through mycelium being the
 that they were integral to successful   trees lack the canopy that creates the car-  synapses. People use amino acids and pro-  OUR focus is on YOU.
 growth in a forest.   bon sink necessary to sustain a robust life   teins for brain functions, and plants use
 Foresters presumed that birches were  independent of a mature tree’s assistance.   these to communicate. Arguably a forest’s   Come see us for great rates on   refinance, construction mortgage,
 a drain on the more financially desir-  And in fact the large trees, called Mother   chemical exchanges may just be a differ-  a loan that fits your personal or   and home equity lines and loans.
                                                                                                                   refinance, construction mortgage,
                                                                                    Come see us for great rates on
 able Douglas fir, and thus increased their  Trees by Simard, nurtured not only their   ent type of thought process.  business needs.  and home equity lines and loans.
                                                                                    a loan that fits your personal or
 investment in monoculture over mixed   kin but other trees and species as well. A   Simard’s descriptions of her family   Please contact Cathi Ingraham for
                                                                                    business needs.
 forests. Simard saw these reforested plots  complex forest was a healthier forest.  and her analogies to humans maintain the   Commercial purchases, refinancing,
                                                                                    Please contact Cathi Ingraham for
 as failing.   Habitat considerations are paramount   non-scientist’s attention, as well as being   and construction loans or Lisa
                                                                                    Commercial purchases, refinancing,
 As her life and professions evolved   as well. The diversity of fauna species   interesting to the scientist. While I’ve sum-  Harrell for Residential purchase,
                                                                                    and construction loans or Lisa
 she was able to further test her theories,  supported by a mixed forest, compared   marized an already very condensed version   Harrell for Residential purchase,
 especially after she joined the academic   to a monoculture, is significantly larger.   of her life and life’s work into a few brief
 world. She set up test plots of monocul-  Further the mixture of understory and   paragraphs, the book is as well worth read-  100 Albertson Street, Millville, NJ 08332   (856) 825-0809
 ture vs. three species growing together.   overstory species is necessary for diverse   ing as her Ted Talks on YouTube are fasci-  Toll Free: (844) 246-1403
 By using carbon-13 and carbon-12 tracers  species use.  nating to watch. Take a look. n                    100 Albertson Street, Millville, NJ 08332   (856) 825-0809
                                                                                                          Toll Free: (844) 246-1403
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